Z4pnu Plans to Secure a Slot for His Own Team Z4 Esports in the MPL PH Season 9


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Omega Esports’ veteran player, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso reveals that his newly established team, Z4 Esports may be participating in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. The pro player is waiting for Moonton’s announcement for the opening of new franchise slots for the upcoming MPL PH season. Z4pnu also added that he is looking for potential members to join his new Mobile Legends esports team as well as team managers that will handle both Z4 Esports’ team 1 and team 2. The pro player is also scouting for houses that can serve as a boot camp for his newly established team.

Z4 Esports may debut in MPL PH Season 9

Through a vlog, Z4pnu revealed that he is looking forward to purchasing a franchise slot for the upcoming MPL PH Season 9. Moonton is yet to confirm if more slots will be available in the season but Z4pnu stated that he will grab the opportunity when it comes.

“For now, it’s still uncertain if Z4 Esports will debut because there are still no updates from Moonton if the next season will still be an 8 teams or 10 teams franchise,” stated Z4pnu. “If it’s 10 teams, we’ll definitely grab a franchise.”

Z4pnu also revealed that one franchise cost around ₱50 million PHP. He added that it is indeed expensive but he can manage as long as he completes building his team and prepares the boot camp.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for, to build my own team,” stated Z4pnu.

The pro player added that next week, he will be posting more updates regarding his new team, Z4 Esports. For now, he will be looking for potential locations where he can set up a boot camp.

“I prefer it (Z4 Esports boot camp) being close to our boot camp (Omega Esports),” stated Z4pnu. “So we can stay in line with the teams”

Z4pnu wants Z4 Esports’ boot camp to be as close as possible to Omega Esports’ boot camp so he can check in on everyone easily as he is still a member of Omega Esports. He also clarified that despite him establishing his own Mobile Legends team, he will still be playing under the Omega Esports banner in the upcoming MPL PH Season 9.

Renejay is being scouted by Omega Esports to play as its Gold Laner

Z4pnu briefly mentions that his team is currently in talks to acquire Nexplay EVOS’ star player Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcarse. According to the pro player, RENEJAY is still on vacation and won’t be able to give the final verdict until he returns.

“We need a complete lineup before December or at least within December, our lineup should be finalized before the year ends,” stated Z4pnu.

He added that once the Omega Esports’ team roster has been finalized, he will be able to focus on establishing Z4 Esports’ lineup.

It will be interesting to see which pro players join Z4pnu’s new team, Z4 Esports.

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