Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass Introduces Even More Rewards


The upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass has been revealed and will feature even bigger rewards for players. The release date of the Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass will be on 14th Oct 2021, similar to the official launch date of the . A ton of adjustments have been made to give players more incentive to progress through the Wild Pass. Players will now receive rewards for every level achieved in the Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass. Purchasing a premium Wild Pass will also unlock seasonal missions regardless of whether you bought the basic or elite version.

Season 3 Wild Pass features Hextech Tristana as the premium reward

After being delayed for more than a week, Riot Games has finally revealed the upcoming third season of the Wild Pass. The upcoming content will feature a much more rewarding experience for players as they will be receiving rewards for every level, unlike the previous Wild Pass versions where free-to-play players could only receive rewards at specific levels.

Purchasing a premium Wild Pass will unlock even more rewards per level for players. This also includes the exclusive skin reward Hexplorer Tristana after reaching level 50. This skin is being made available only in the upcoming Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass and will not be obtainable through other means.

Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass details

There will be two types of premium Wild Pass purchases – the Basic Pass and the Elite Pass. Both versions will unlock seasonal missions to hasten your progress in the current Wild Pass. Purchasing the premium versions will also unlock rewards beyond level 50, allowing players to keep grinding for more rewards.

Players who purchase the Elite Pass will gain the special Wild Pass Boost. This buff will amplify the XP gained from each mission to help players progress faster. There will be a blue icon to indicate whether the Wild Pass Boost is active or not.

Players who purchase the Wild Rift Season 3 Wild Pass will also gain a prestigious profile border for bragging rights.

Riot Games is yet to reveal whether the prices will change for the premium versions of the Wild Pass in the upcoming third season. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates when the Wild Rift Patch 2.5 update drops on 14th Oct 2021.

It will be interesting to see if any more surprises are in store for players in the upcoming major patch update for Wild Rift.

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