Wild Rift Path of Justice: Missions, Reward Tracks For Kayle and Morgana


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The League of Legends: Wild Rift Path of Justice event is now available and is offering a ton of exciting new content for players to enjoy. The event tasks players into joining one of the two sides – Kayle the Righteous or Morgana the Fallen. However, it doesn’t matter which side you choose as both sides offer the same set of rewards. Each player who participates in the Wild Rift Path of Justice event will receive a special spawn tag that will disappear when the event concludes. However, players who complete their reward track will get a one-week extension for their spawn tags to show off their achievements.

Wild Rift Path of Justice: Two paths, one destination

The two sisters – Kayle and Morgana are now joining the champion pool of Wild Rift. To celebrate their arrival in Wild Rift, a new event has been revealed giving players a chance to unlock one of the two new champions.

The Wild Rift Path of Justice event will run from 3rd December and will last until 15th Dec 2021.

Wild Rift Path of Justice Missions

Two event missions will be unlocked for players every day for nine days for a total of 16 missions. However, only one mission can be completed at a time. While the first 16 missions are the same for all players, the last two will depend on who you chose at the start of the event.

Wild Rift Path of Justice Track Rewards

Gaining enough event EXP will allow players to reach certain milestones. These milestones have specific rewards such as profile icons, emotes, spawn tags, and more.

Completion Reward

Players who complete all the missions in their track will be rewarded with the “Two Faces of Justice” spawn tag, regardless of whether they choose Kayle or Morgana Tracks in the Wild Rift Path of Justice event.

This spawn tag will last until 22nd Dec 2021 at 11:59 PM UTC, one additional week after the event concludes so players can show off their achievements from the event

Two new champions have now arrived in Wild Rift and players can revel in the Path of Justice event. With the current ongoing event coupled with more amazing content on the horizon, players have a lot to look forward to in Wild Rift.

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