Wild Rift Guild System: Everything We Know


Guild name, description, and tags

Guilds can share the same name. However, each Guild cannot have similar tags (Ex. TNC, OMG, EVOS). Each tag can only contain 2-5 characters. Guild tags are also currently the only way to search for your desired guild, though you can use filters to narrow down the results.

The description section should explain the Guild’s goals and what it truly stands for. This is a perfect way to get people’s attention and let them know what sort of community they will be joining.

Guild icons

More icons can be unlocked as the Guild makes progress. These Guild icons can be switched anytime with no limitations whatsoever.

Guild privacy levels

Guilds can choose to be open to the public, where everyone can freely join, or opt to be a private Guild, where every applicant needs to be approved before joining.

Any player can join or invite other players to join public Guilds. However, each Guild can only hold a limited amount of players. Players who get kicked out of the guild will be listed in the kick history and will not be able to join unless their name is removed from the ban list.

Protected Guilds are more exclusive and will require an invitation from officers of the Guild or an application must be sent and once approved, one can join the guild. Players can apply to up to 20 protected guilds at a time. If one of the Guilds accepts your application, all other applications you requested will be removed. If a Guild is already at full capacity, players can still apply and can be approved when there is a vacancy or the Guild expands its member capacity. However, these applications will expire after a week.

Topic Labels

To help players find the Guild that is better suited to their playstyle, topic labels will be introduced. These labels will help players filter out Guilds that they want to join. There can only be three topic labels for each Guild.

Listed below are the topic labels for Guilds:

  • Party Up

  • Inclusive

  • Community

  • Daily

  • Casual

  • Beginner Friendly

  • Chat

  • Voice

  • Ranked Climb

  • Highly Active

  • Leaderboards

  • Elite

Guild Feed

Guildmates can be given permission to share their in-game achievements and other updates to the Guild Feed. Every member of the Guild can see the Guild Feed. However, players outside the Guild will not be able to see it, unless the leader sets it to public.

Member List

The list of members can be made public or private by the leader and its officials. Members can check on their guildmates anytime which includes their ranks, preferred role, and in-game status.

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