Weekend poll: Should companies be forced into adopting USB-C?


We’ve begged companies like Apple to adopt USB-C on its devices for years — and we aren’t the only ones. The dream of plugging in every device with a single cable feels closer than ever, but if there’s even a single iPhone somewhere in your home, keeping around a Lightning cable is essential. The EU wants to pass legislation mandating companies use USB-C on all gadgets sold in Europe, but not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

Apple isn’t the only business that would be affected by this law, though it’s undoubtedly the largest. Micro USB gadgets are still out there — hell, Amazon only just upgraded the Kindle to Paperwhite last week — preventing us from creating our one-cable utopia. There’s no doubt that some Android users wouldn’t consider a switch to the iPhone purely based on USB-C. However, it’s unclear how many average smartphone owners actually care all that much about using multiple cables for their array of devices.

There are plenty of reasons to want companies like Apple to finally move to USB-C — including the environmental benefit of reducing e-waste — though as former AP contributor Martim Lobao argued this week, a mandated port might not be the answer. USB-C has room to grow, but it’s also nearly a decade old, which could stifle innovation if the wording of the bill isn’t carefully considered. And with the iPhone the only true holdout, it’s easy to see Apple skipping over a universal port entirely, opting instead for a port-less device that charges via MagSafe.

It’s a tricky situation, one with no real easy answers, and that’s why we want to hear from you. Do you think companies should be mandated to use USB-C, or is this something better left for the market to decide? As always, this is a tricky subject, so feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comments section.

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