UiPath partners with CrowdStrike to secure SaaS workflow automation


UiPath is expanding its robotic process automation (RPA) platform with new features it hopes will put it on CIOs’ radar, including better security, a cloud-native delivery model, and the ability to automate through APIs as well as the UI.

The security component comes through a partnership with CrowdStrike, while the API automation is the fruit of UiPath’s acquisition of Cloud Elements in March 2021.

A recent survey by IDG Research found that many IT organizations are showing no interest in RPA, even as the appetite for business process management and workflow automation is growing. UiPath’s move up the stack toward more sophisticated API automation capabilities — and workflow automation platform ServiceNow’s partnering with process mining specialist Celonis — are a sign that automation vendors are seeking to address CIOs’ broader concerns.

The Fall 2021 release of UiPath’s RPA platform will enable users to drive applications not just through the user interface, but also through APIs, and to combine both methods within the same automation. There will be 70 pre-built connectors by year-end, with more to come.

“We’re making all of those APIs, our connectors, and all the authentication protocols that support those connectors and cloud connections natively available within the UiPath design environment,” said UiPath Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon. “You can now construct a business process or a workflow that is using a combination of APIs, UI automation, and machine learning prediction all in one go.”

Previously, the UiPath agent would have had to run on a Windows machine, but now, said Kahlon, “All of that execution could actually take place in a Linux-based container, so it can scale over time as you’re using it.”

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