TSM FTX Penalized for Serious Misconduct During Wild Tour 2021 Finals


TSM FTX’s League of Legends: Wild Rift team received a heavy penalty for damaging Riot Games facilities during the Wild Tour 2021 Finals. The team’s coach was also accused of “serious misconduct”. According to Riot Games’ investigation, the team reportedly carried out abusive behavior on stage which caused damage to the event venue. Also, TSM FTX’s assistant coach Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro Torres de Abreu flashed insulting gestures on camera while on the tournament stage, during the championship celebration of the title. The team has been penalized and has received a two-day suspension for all official Wild Rift esports events along with a hefty fine for their unprofessional behavior.

TSM FTX penalized shortly after winning the Wild Tour 2021 Finals

The Brazillian team, TSM FTX will have to postpone its celebration of acquiring the championship title in the Wild Tour 2021 Finals due to a series of penalties received as a result of unprofessional conduct and abusive behavior while on stage.

on 11th Oct 2021, that TSM FTX violated rules 16.11 and 16.12 of the Wild Tour 2021 tournament rulebook.

Rule 16.11 states that “A team member may not take any action or perform any gesture, or incite any individual to do the same, that is directed at the opposing team in an insulting, mocking or disturbing nature.”

Rule 16.12, on the other hand, states that “Abuse of Championship Administration, team members, or audience members will not be tolerated. Such violations include, but are not limited to, touching another player’s computer, body or property, and will result in penalties. Team members and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals who attend a match with respect.”

“We expect team members to maintain a cordial and respectful behavior both in and out of the game, and we cannot tolerate abusive behavior and any kind of offensive language,” stated Riot Games.

After Riot Games’ investigation, the final verdict resulted in a two-day suspension for the team and a R$7,000 Brazilian Real ($1,264 USD) fine. The suspension is effective immediately for official Wild Rift esports events. The team TSM FTX violated rule 16.11 while its coach Anak violated rule 16.12.

“Such conduct is considered serious and violates official Wild Tour regulations. This kind of attitude will always be seriously evaluated and punished accordingly.” Riot Games stated.

Despite the suspension, TSM FTX will still represent Brazil in the upcoming . It is still unsure if the team’s suspension will affect their performance in the upcoming esports event.

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