Top Free Fire Streamers to Participate in BOOYAH! Day’s Arena of Champions Event


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On the occasion of BOOYAH!’s Day, Garena is hosting two Free Fire events: Arena of Champions and Guild Wars. The Arena of Champions event will be a one-day tournament and feature the top 48 Free Fire streamers from India which include Jonty Gaming, Tonde Gamer, Sooneeta, and SK Sabir Gaming. The BOOYAH! Day will begin at 6:00 PM IST on 13th Nov 2021 and will not only feature some spicy Free Fire action but will also allow viewers to earn both in-game and physical rewards by watching the streams on BOOYAH!’s platform.

Garena will host two Free Fire events on the occasion of BOOYAH! Day

Garena will broadcast Arena of Champions and Guild Wars live on the BOOYAH! platform as part of BOOYAH! Day.

“BOOYAH! is used in Free Fire to symbolise victory and is often used by Survivors to express other moments of joy and excitement. BOOYAH! Day celebrates the moments of achievements both in the game, and in real life.”

Arena of Champions will have a “multiperspective feature” through which viewers can watch the match from the perspective of their favorite streamer. Viewers will also have the option of watching the game via BOOYAH!, Free Fire will also feature an in-game portal through which fans can tune into the tournament.

How will BOOYAH! Day reward its viewers?

Linking their Free Fire and BOOYAH! accounts gives viewers the opportunity to win Free Fire drops such as Mr Waggor, Xayne, and Denim Shorts.

Additionally, the streaming platform will give away “30 official BOOYAH! hoodies” to viewers and an additional ten will be given away via its Instagram account. The winners will be notified via the app about how they can claim their hoodies.

Given the scenario where viewership records are broken, the platform will also award lucky viewers with the BOOYAH! Day 2021 Gloo Wall and BOOYAH! Day Legendary Bundle for Leon.

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