Thirty Best Stylish BGMI Clan Names in September 2021


A stylish name for your BGMI clan is a great way of creating a unique identity for your Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team. A name that has a cool font, a few special characters, and some stylish symbols will certainly make you stand out from the rest. It also gives you a chance to add a personal touch to your BGMI profile. Clans are an integral part of BGMI which is basically a group consisting of friends and likeable players, with whom you enjoy playing the Battle Royale. This makes them one of the most personal parts of the game and hence players take a lot of time to come up with a perfect BGMI clan name. We’ve put together a list of 30 stylish names to choose from to add some zest to your BGMI experience.

30 Stylish BGMI Clan Names

While you can create a unique and stylish BGMI clan name using your imagination, some players simply do not want that. So to help you decide better, this article lists out 30 of the most stylish BGMI clan names along with symbols. These can be used directly in the game, or you can simply go through them to collect ideas, coming up with your own name later.

  1. Öµ†ñµ₥ßêrêÐ

  2. ᎠҽąժӀվ βɾօէհҽɾհօօժ

  3. Cօ?ᴍᴀɴ∂ð?

  4. Gυηѕ 尺єα∂у

  5. ?Y๏ยng Gunຮ

  6. Ꭰeรτr☢ψ All Bef☢re Uร

  7. T͢͢͢ђe M16sᴿᴼᵞᴬᴸ

  8. Cօyօτe Soldΐeℝร?

  9. ◤⅁Яi͢͢͢ק ⅁??g୧

  10. [The VicτØяi๏uร ƑᴹJs]

  11. Ⲙᵉtⱥℓℓⁱc Butterfℓⁱeຮ?

  12. Cobr? Broτherร

  13. ✴Aττaςk Do?ร

  14. Ŧea? Oบ†c͢͢͢aѕ†s?

  15. Pบήk Pr?dคτørs☘

  16. íɑʍGนns Un?ted

  17. ⇝W?ຮe Wคrriorຮ

  18. M☢derŇ VikiŇ?s?

  19. Myͥຮtͣeͫℝiøᵘຮ M?fi??

  20. ⪨SMG Sђคrթsh?ᴏters⪩

  21. ꧁Cobra Sy??icaʇ??

  22. 〖St?aΐgђt Titaภs〗

  23. íɑʍW?ld Ŧℽrαภภy?

  24. ᚛Sec?et P?trïøts᚜

  25. 山αя ∂σgѕ?

  26. ?į͢͢͢çҽçօӀժ ↻ąղղօղʂ

  27. ︽C๏ᴍ多คt͢͢͢ ClaŇ

  28. ×°A多ѕø?ute Vict?ℝѕ°×

  29. S?Ø??͢͢͢?n S?Ø?uns

  30. ≋IŇvΐŇ¢ΐbleˢ≋

How to rename clan in BGMI

Here is how to change your Battlegrounds Mobile India clan name:

1. Before changing the name of your BGMI clan, you would be required to purchase a ‘Clan Rename Card’ for 300 Clan Points from the ‘Shop’.

2. Then go to the ‘Inventory’ present within the game to access settings related to your BGMI clan.

3. Click ‘Change’ below your existing clan name and enter the new clan name.

4. Once done, press ‘Ok’ to confirm and your clan name will be changed.

Be careful when changing your BGMI clan name, as it not only costs you 300 Clan Points but once changed, a user cannot revert back or change to a new clan name again for the next 60 days (two months).

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