The Logitech MX Keys Mini looks like the perfect keyboard


(Pocket-lint) – Logitech’s MX line is a go-to for some of the very best accessories going. Its mouse and keyboard range offers some of the most satisfying and well-built options for working from home or anywhere else for that matter.

Now, it’s getting a welcome new option in the form of the MX Keys Mini, a new keyboard that fills the one glaring gap in the MX lineup by offering a tenkeyless smaller keyboard.

Compared to the older, full-sized MX Keys, the Mini is just like it sounds – much smaller, but still built to the exact same standard. It’s got the same Perfect Stroke keys, non-mechanical but oh, so satisfying to type on.

There are a few handy new function buttons to check out, including an emoji shortcut and another to mute your microphone (perfect for video calls).

It’s fully wireless using Bluetooth or Logitech’s receiver, and supports both Windows and Mac devices (with easy device switching for those who use multiple machines), although a dedicated MX Keys Mini for Mac is also available for the perfect keyboard layout.

Battery life depends a bit on its light-sensing adaptive backlighting but can extend to up to five months, so you won’t need to charge it daily, and it’s available in dark grey, white and pink (the Mac version is in silver only).

This is a premium keyboard, though, so it’ll set you back a hearty £99.99, but having used it for a few days already we can speak to its quality.

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