OnePlus Nord owners who are part of the company’s open beta program should check their phones now: there’s a new update headed down the pipe. It’s not amazing in terms of content; the biggest practical addition is that the Android security patch is bumped up to August. But there’s some big stuff in there if you really like the always-on display.

Users can now take screenshots of the ambient display mode, an option that wasn’t present before. The Nord also has access to Bitmoji avatars on the ambient display, a OnePlus feature announced earlier this summer. Based on some proprietary tools from Snapchat, Bitmoji will change and animate throughout the day based on what you’re doing with your phone. It’s basically the Nintendo Mii of the mobile world.

If that sounds good to you, you’ll really dig this update. If not, then I’m happy to report that you can turn it off. The update should be rolling out to open beta participants now, and we should see these changes hit the stable build in a few weeks.