The Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 classic are probably the best smartwatches Samsung has ever made, marking the companies return to Wear OS over its own Tizen. Something Samsung is especially good at is making every aspect of its ecosystem work seamlessly. If you own a pair of Samsung’s Buds headphones in addition to the Watch4, that interconnectivity is getting even better.

The Watch4 comes with a Galaxy Buds app and widget that lets you see the battery level of your earbuds, as well as toggle touch controls, ANC, and ambient sound. When my Watch4 arrived on Saturday, my biggest gripe was that this only worked if my Buds were connected directly to the watch itself, rendering the app and widget useless when listening to music via the phone. Thankfully that changed on Monday when the plugin for Buds Pro got updated. (Samsung phone users, your updates are probably in the Galaxy Store.)

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Now that I’ve updated those plugins, my Watch4 detects my earbuds even when they’re connected to my phone. This small change has made this one of my favorite new features over my old Galaxy Watch Active2, as quickly toggling touch controls from my wrist without needing to grab my phone is great when I’m running errands.

The Galaxy Buds can also intelligently switch between my watch and phone based on what I’m doing. If they’re connected to the Watch4 playing music, and I start playing a YouTube video on my phone, the buds will automatically switch connections to my phone.

I should note that the updated APK required was uploaded to APK Mirror on August 30th, before my Watch4 was delivered. For some reason, the Play Store didn’t push it to my device until September 6th, so your mileage may vary as to whether you’ve already got it. I own the Galaxy Buds, Buds+, Buds Live, and Buds Pro, and I can confirm that all of them except for the original 2019 Buds have been updated to work with the Watch4. I don’t have the Buds2 to test, but their plugin was updated September 1st, which likely includes Watch4 support. You can find all the relevant APKs below: