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Our recent study with IDG revealed artificial intelligence (AI) as a key area of focus in 2021 and beyond. To shed light on this trend we set up Season 2 of our TechTuesday series, inviting influencers in the ITSM and ITOM space to give us their views. Over the course of six episodes, they provide not just their expert opinions but also actionable insights that organizations can use to make the best of AI for ITSM.

Managing today’s diverse and dispersed IT services and infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. The need of the hour is end-to-end real-time visibility and quick resolutions. Here’s where IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) become critical. Together, they provide a consolidated view of the IT landscape helping organizations flip the switch on the overall service quality and delight end-users.

Further, the transformation of ITOM and ITSM is under way with the arrival of what is now called, “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” (AIOps). This is primarily an amalgamation of ITSM, ITOM, and AI, leveraged to automate and enhance IT services and operations. With AIOps the task of overseeing IT infrastructure performance, uptime, business metrics, and applications becomes faster and simpler.

On TechTuesdays you will discover the latest trends in ITSM/ITOM and explore successful AI use cases. Our lineup of speakers includes stalwarts like Stephen Mann of and Michael Fueller of The Hackett Group. With our very own product experts on the speaking panel, you’ll get a ring-side view of all the action at Freshservice. You‘ll see cutting-edge technology and solutions that we are developing for future-ready organizations. You’ll also see how today’s tech megatrends impact you. Whether you’re just getting started or want to keep pace with the latest and greatest in AI for ITSM-ITOM, TechTuesdays has something for everyone.

  Episode 1: Right-size AI for speed, scale, and delight

  Episode 2: Improve employee experience with AI-powered chatbots

  Episode 3: Provide an AI edge to incident and request resolution

  Episode 4: Democratize AI to extend IT Service Management

  Episode 5: Improve MTTR using machine learning for alerts

  Episode 6: Boost analytics and make data-driven decisions

Simply put, tune in to TechTuesdays to:

  1. Learn how AI plays an integral role in modernizing ITSM and ITOM.
  2. Discover the range of benefits AI-enabled solutions deliver and determine how to realize these benefits faster.
  3. Get a grasp of the impact, costs, and what it takes to implement AI in ITSM.
  4. Navigate the challenges of managing today’s IT infrastructure and operations with increased automation and built-in intelligence.

IT leaders have a fundamental role to play in ensuring employees are successful in today’s ‘new work world’. Here’s a chance to be inspired, pick up some bright, bold ideas, and apply them in your organization. Catch TechTuesdays Season 2

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