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    Salman Khan’s secret family lives in Dubai, 17 years daughter and wife? Megastar reacted like this!

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    Salman Khan Secret Family

    Salman Khan secret family :- Megastar Salman Khan recently became a part of Arbaaz Khan’s show The Pinch and the show is being watched a lot. Let us tell you that the format of this show is that the celebrity is also talked about the questions and trolls on his social media. Arbaaz talked to Salman Khan and read many comments to him, to which Salman Khan has given the answer. But there is also such a question which is going to shock the fans of Salman Khan.

    Salman Khan's secret family

    Actually a user wrote that Salman Khan is married and his family lives in Dubai. The matter did not end here, this user claimed that Salman Khan also has a daughter who is 17 years old.

    Salman Khan's secret family
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    As soon as Salman Khan heard this question, he was quite surprised and he has also given the answer. Actually Arbaaz had read the comment that, ‘Where is the coward sitting hiding. Everyone in India knows that you are in Dubai with your wife Noor and 17 year old daughter. Till when will the people of India be fooled’.Salman Khan Birthday, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Biography and More

    This is all complete Bullshit

    Salman Khan heard this and asked that .. for whom is this? Arbaaz told that this is a comment for you. Then Salman Khan has said that .. ‘This is all complete nonsense. These people know a lot. What post are you talking about?

    I don’t have a wife

    I don’t have a wife, I’ve lived in the Galaxy since the age of 9. The whole world knows.’ Arbaaz Khan had a lot of talks with Salman Khan and their show started in a great way.

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