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    Sajad Gharibi (Bodybuilder) Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

    Sajad Gharibi is an Iranian bodybuilder and weightlifter. He is known for his massive physique. He is called the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules by his fans.

    Sajad Gharibi is an Iranian bodybuilder and weightlifter. He is known for his massive physique. He is called the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules by his fans.


    Sajad Gharibi was born on Thursday, 19 December 1991 (age: 27 years, as in 2018) in Ahwaz, Iran. He received his primary education from Ahwaz. For higher education, he enrolled at Azad University, Bushehr, Iran and completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce. His zodiac sign is  Sagittarius.

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    Childhood and Present photos of Sajad Gharibi

    Physical Appearance

    • Height (approx.): 6′ 2″
    • Body Statistics (approx.): 66-46-28


    Sajad was born into a Muslim family. The information about his parents and siblings is not known.

    Old and present photos of Sajad Gharibi and his father

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    He is unmarried.


    Since childhood, Gharibi wanted to be a bodybuilder. To fulfil his dream, he started following a hard routine from a very young age. He also focusses on weightlifting and Mixed Martial Arts. Due to his massive size, he captured the attention of people and received a challenge from a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) star, Brian Ortega. Brian said, “I’d smash the Iranian Hulk.” Upon hearing this comment, Gharibi accepted the challenge and promised to appear in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ring soon.

    Brian Ortega challenged Sajad Gharibi

    Meanwhile, Gharibi also accepted Britain’s Martyn Ford challenge to fight, but the deal was cancelled due to a number of reasons. Later, he prepared himself to fight his first professional bout with the Brazilian Hulk, Romario dos Santos Alves. He also mentioned that fight on social media and said, “I’m finally accepting my first professional fight against a Brazilian fighter.” The fight is supposed to take place before 2020.

    Favourite Things

    • Food(s): Chicken, Fish, Fruits


    • Gharibi remains very active on social media. He has about half a million followers on his Instagram account.

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    I need a bigger car از تاریخ این دوره دیگه سواری در ماشین پراید ممنوع شد متاسفانه جا نشدم سایپا باید رسیدگی کنه ماشین من پراید نیست فقط جهت فان یه سری از دوستان تانک پیشنهاد کردن شما چه ماشینی پیشنهاد میکنید ؟

    A post shared by iranian hulk 🇮🇷 (@sajadgharibiofficial) on Jan 22, 2018 at 3:50am PST

    • He loves children and quite seen babysitting on Instagram.

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    مدتی پیش به آسایشگاه معلولین رفتم با یک فرشته دوست داشتنی آشنا شدم اسم او آفرین هست نگاه معصوم او به نگاه هیچ انسانی که تابحال دیدم شباهت نداشت براستی که آفرین نزد خدا جایگاهه بسیار بالایی داره با اینکه من نمیشناخت اما چقدر از دیدنم خوشحال بود آفرین در قلب من While ago, visiting a disabled homestead, I got to know one lovely angel, named “Afarin”, her innocent look was ‘nt like anything I have ever seen, truly “Afarin” has is very special to God, although she did’n t have a clue about my fame, she was very happy visiting me. “Afarin, in my heart”

    A post shared by iranian hulk 🇮🇷 (@sajadgharibiofficial) on Oct 15, 2017 at 6:57am PDT

    • Gharibi often goes to children’s hospitals to help them financially. He also encourages and teaches them how to survive in a tough situation.
    • In 2016, he said that he wanted to fight against ISIS. He also said, “I’m a defender of my country, first. I want to thank General Soleimani and all the soldiers who lost their lives in Syria. They are my heroes.”

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    #تا_1400_با_روحانی ضمن احترام به تمام کاندیدا و هوادارانشان از آن جایی که هرکس حق انتخاب آزادانه دارد رای من دکتر حسن روحانی است مدافع حرم هم عشق و اعتقادات من هست چه در این دولت چه در هر دولت دیگری والسلام

    A post shared by iranian hulk 🇮🇷 (@sajadgharibiofficial) on May 18, 2017 at 12:18pm PDT

    • His hobbies are- gyming, driving, travelling, playing video games, etc.
    • Gharibi is a foodie. According to him, while on training, he eats 11 special meals, and in a normal situation, he eats 7 meals only.

      Sajad Gharibi having a meal

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