PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile: Here are some major differences between two battle royale games


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PUBG: New State brings back PUBG Mobile to India in true means. Battlegrounds Mobile India did not. I have said that before and will say it again because, apart from new weapons and some other nifty features, PUBG: New State is exactly what Battlegrounds Mobile India should have been. That has got the gamer in me excited because I have deplored the censored version, which is BGMI. Krafton seems to have hit a home run with PUBG: New State, but it will depend on how better it is than PUBG Mobile.

Comparisons between PUBG Mobile and PUBG: New State are inevitable, so I decided to find out differences between the two battle royale games despite them being nearly similar. Well, there are differences and only players who cherish spending time looking for loot and then enemies to use those guns on, only to remain alive till the end, will appreciate them. The last-player-standing theme is cliche, so rather than talking about that, I will use the elements that PUBG: New State has in stark difference from its previous generation to give you an idea if this new game is investable or not.


Maps of a battle royale game are like its backbone because that is where all the action happens. Battle royale is a successful genre and developers have left no stone unturned to explore possibilities around what else there could be on a map. We have seen some amazing maps in PUBG Mobile, such as Sanhok where you get a good chance to increase your rank by fighting bots, besides getting to use the flare gun, or Vikendi that has Dino Park as its biggest attraction.

PUBG: New State has only two maps right now, Troi and Erangel 2051. This may seem underwhelming when you compare it with PUBG Mobile, but not so much when you start playing. Troi is an 8x8km map, which is large and is full of cityside buildings and premises that are best for hiding. The post-apocalyptic setting makes you feel as if you have descended down from a spaceship only to salvage the ruins and find things worthy enough to take back. While doing that you also have to kill enemies who are explorers just like you. Did I go too far in my imagination?

Troi seems like a good starting point for the expansion of maps in PUBG: New State, not only because of the landscape-centric advantages to players but also because it is a futuristic patch of area full of advanced gadgets. You have electric vehicles that give you instant speed-up, and, most importantly, the drones that offer the best simulation of actually using one.

If you are wondering about the maps in PUBG Mobile, there are five basic maps, namely, Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, and Miramar. There is also a warehouse for the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. But there is a lot to love in PUBG Mobile because of timed modes. The addition of the Infection Mode that brings zombies and the Payload 2.0 Mode that revs up weapons with more Calibur makes PUBG Mobile more interesting to play because that gives you a break from the regular loot and fight.


As I said previously, PUBG: New State is PUBG Mobile in true essence. That is because the way I get to handle my weapons, drive a vehicle, and kill enemies is very similar to those on PUBG Mobile. But there are some subtle improvements that you will notice only if you are playing PUBG: New State on a high-end phone. These are more noticeable on screens that have a high refresh rate, so it becomes easier to interact with them.

When you loiter around in an empty building or an abandoned house, the automatic picking of weapons and other items is faster. It is almost instant. And if you have picked up your first weapon, you will get equipped with that right away. There are also several new mechanics in PUBG: New State. You can customise your weapons now and that gives you the sense of control over your armoury. Things like setting fire modes and attaching grenades are some impressive additions to the battle royale game, and I think players will like how they can now interact with the game.

Am I forgetting something? I think not. You have drones available in PUBG: New State and those, I think, may be the biggest attraction of the game. There are also new vehicles present, besides combat rolls and ballistic shields that offer new ways to find or kill other players. The PUBG: New State controls are not very different from those on PUBG Mobile though, but still you will feel the responsiveness is slightly better. It is a good thing that controls have not been touched and PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India players will feel a familiarity with the game.


Well, graphics on PUBG: New State are certainly better than what you see on PUBG Mobile. Krafton says it has used the global illumination technology that will give players a much-needed visual improvement just so they can experience a true next-generation mobile game. That is true, and if you go to settings to tweak the graphics, you will see options that have been laid conveniently. You can choose the frame rate between “low” to “extreme”, while the quality of graphics maxes out at “extreme”. You have four screen filters here and they give you more control over how your game should look.

Special differences

There are some differences that you will not notice unless you drive a car. So when you are driving an electric vehicle, you now see its battery level. When low, you can use battery packs that you can collect from the loot. Also, when you jump from a moving car, you die. This is probably one of the biggest changes to how players move around in the map. In PUBG Mobile, you can jump from a car and start heading to your destination, but think of doing that in PUBG: New State only if you want to be dead.

PUBG: New State vs PUBG Mobile

Well, there is no winner here simply because they are mostly the same. PUBG: New State is not the biggest upgrade to the battle royale genre, so everything feels similar. But a few things such as better graphics, better responsiveness, and the map of Troi make things interesting. I think PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India players will end up spending more time playing PUBG: New State at least initially. But Krafton will have to be swift in releasing more maps and timed modes to the game to stop players from abandoning it.

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