Pokémon UNITE Released a Hotfix for Game-Breaking Crustle and Lucario Bug


After several complaints from fans, Pokémon UNITE released a hotfix that resolves the game-breaking Crustle and Lucario bug within the game. After the major , fans noticed a bug that gives the two Pokemon Crustle and Lucario a huge advantage, to the extent of completely ruining the balance of the game. These bugs provide the two Pokemon with unintentional buffs that give them a significant advantage to flip the game in their favor. The developers, TiMi Studio, have also clarified that they are aware of the other in-game bugs that players have encountered and will release a patch update on 29th Sept 2021 to fix the bugs.

Pokémon UNITE shall release a patch update on 29th September to fix in-game bugs

The fans can finally play in peace thanks to the recent hotfix that removed the game-breaking bug for the two Pokemons Crustle and Lucario. This bug was encountered by players shortly after the major patch 1.2 updates. The recent patch brought a ton of new in-game content and features.

Crustle’s in-game bug allowed him to gain a stats boost after being knocked out and respawning back into the game. The stat boost amplified the Held Items and also drastically reduced the cooldown of its Unite Move, Rubble Rouser. This gave the player an unfair advantage over other players, ruining the competitive balance of the match.

The second game-breaking bug was for the Pokemon Lucario. While casting Extremespeed, Lucario could deal an immense amount of damage that could sometimes one-shot other opponents.

Fortunately, TiMi Studio was quick to address this matter and resolved the issue before it could further damage the ranked competitive matches. The devs also promised that they will be releasing another patch update on 29th Sept 2021, to address all the other in-game bugs that the players have reported.

The Pokémon Crustle and Lucario unintentionally gained significant power due to the in-game bugs. It is admirable how responsive the devs were to immediately resolve the issue before it got worse, by applying the necessary hotfix. It will be interesting to see what is on the horizon for Pokémon UNITE.

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