Smart displays make great alarm clocks and kitchen helpers, and they just keep getting more affordable. Google’s first-ever smart display, 2018’s Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub), is still plenty capable of doing all things smart display, and with a few years under its belt, it’s known to get steeply discounted. Right now, Verizon’s got it at a great price: 45 stinkin’ bucks, more than 66 percent off its launch price.

The smaller Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera for video calls or security, and it doesn’t have the newer model’s fancy sleep-monitoring tech. But it can still set timers, answer questions, and play podcasts with the best of ’em, and at $45, it’s almost hard not to buy one.

home hub 45

This deal is available at Verizon, with no coupon codes or other trickery required. Charcoal is sold out, so you’ll have to make due with Chalk — but they look more or less the same from the front anyway. Hit the link below to pick one up.