ONIC Esports’ Sanz Proved That Fanny Can Still Be Viable in Pro Play


ONIC Esports’ Sanz shocked fans by leading his team to victory using Fanny, one of the least viable heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 8. Fanny is known for her amazing mobility and firepower. However, her negatives outweigh the positives as she is a hero who is very predictable and can easily be countered in pro play. Sanz proved to everyone that Fanny can be made viable when he played the hero against EVOS Legends in the MPL ID Season 8 Week 5. This was not only Fanny’s debut in the league season but also the hero’s first win.

Fanny can be made viable but only for very specific team compositions

All viewers moved their gaze over to Onic Esports as the team picked the hero Fanny for Sanz during the drafting phase. It was the perfect opportunity to catch EVOS Legends off guard considering it was the final pick.

Fanny made her appearance in only the first match between ONIC Esports and EVOS Legends, but it proved to be more than enough to keep ONIC Esports’ momentum going. Sanz dominated the match with eight kills in just 10 minutes. This allowed him to snowball very early on. Given how mobile Fanny is, EVOS Legends only had a small window of opportunity to deduce where Sanz would be ganking next. This pressured EVOS Legends to play defensively.

Sanz’s Fanny did show signs of weakness during the late game but that is a given when it comes to early game dominant heroes. Fortunately, ONIC was able to close the match at the 35-minute mark, before EVOS Legends could recover from its predicament.

During a post-match interview, Adriand Larsen “Drian” Wong, ONIC’s midlaner, revealed the reason behind the Fanny pick. He clarified that picking Fanny was not a last-ditch effort, but rather, a well-executed plan.

“Fanny is only viable for certain picks, it can’t always be picked. Countering her is also easy with heroes such as Kaja and Chou,” Drian explained.

Fanny has been left out in pro play due to her very predictable nature. Her impressive mobility is all thanks to her Steel Cable ability which allows her to grapple to almost any obstacle or wall in the game. This Steel Cable can be seen by enemies which reveals the direction in which she is heading. This allows crowd control-focused heroes to easily stop her from moving around so fast.

It will be interesting to see what more surprises are in store from these talented players in the upcoming matches of the MPL ID Season 8.

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