ONIC Esports is the Crowned Champion of the MPLI 2021


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After a grueling journey in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational (MPLI) 2021, ONIC Esports dominated the grand finals match against Blacklist International with a 3-1 final match score. Both teams fought valiantly with Blacklist International dominating the first game, but ONIC Esports had the upper hand in the end with a three game win streak. ONIC Esports claimed the championship title while Blacklist International will settle for a runner-up finish. With the MPLI 2021 officially concluded, the top teams from each region will now shift their attention to the upcoming which is scheduled to kick off on 6th December 2021.

ONIC Esports cracks Blacklist International weakness and dominated with a three game win streak

The first game saw Blacklist International dominating against ONIC Esports. Jhonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna’s Estes offered massive healing power to Blacklist International which ONIC Esports could not out-damage. With a massive gold lead, and objectives secured, the two-time MPL PH champions were able to close the game in less than 15 minutes to claim the first victory.

Blacklist International had a great start in the MPLI 2021 grand finals, but ONIC Esports managed to flip the tides in the second game while completely dominating the third game. By limiting the hero pool of Danerie “Wise” Rosario, Blacklist International was forced to pick Granger, Wise’s comfort hero which was recently nerfed. This put ONIC Esports at a huge advantage who managed to dominate the third match.

The fourth match was filled with surprises from both teams. Just when everyone thought ONIC Esports had the upper hand, Blacklist International was able to recover and gain its momentum and kept on fighting. ONIC Esports’ Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando kept the team healthy with his Rafaela, which allowed them to keep winning team fights with the goal of taking down or at least separating Blacklist International’s team captain and support specialist OhMyV33nus from the rest of the team during crucial skirmishes.

The two-time MPL PH champions put up a good fight with Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap even managing to 1v2 ONIC Esports’ Gilang “Sanz” and Kiboy at the 15-minute mark, successfully defending their base and buying some time. However, another crucial fight with ONIC Esports emerged which Blacklist International ultimately lost to. The Indonesian team proceeded to close the game and win with a final match score of 3-1.

ONIC Esports is confident in taking the championship title in the M3 World Championship

In a post-match interview, after the fist-clenching grand finals, ONIC PH was asked how confident it is at claiming a third championship title in the M3 World Championship. The team’s offlaner Muhammad “Butsss” Satrya Sanubari confidently says “100%.”

The upcoming M3 World Championship will feature the top Mobile Legends teams around the world competing for the lion’s share of the $800,000 USD prize pool. ONIC Esports is seeded in Group B and will be competing against its sister team ONIC PH, Malaysia’s Todak, and Brazil’s VIVO Keyd.

It will be interesting to see if ONIC PH will be able to take home another championship title in the upcoming M3 World Championship which is scheduled to kick off on 6th Dec 2021.

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