If you’re reading Android Police, it’s safe to say you’re a tech-savvy person. You might even be the person your friends turn to for smartphone recommendations. Not everyone keeps up-to-date with the latest technology, though, so if you know someone still rocking a smartphone running Android 2.3.7, tell them it’s time to buy a new device.

Earlier this year, Google warned us that account sign-ins would no longer be accepted for its apps on devices running Gingerbread, and it’s kept good on its promise. In order to access apps like Calendar or Gmail, you’ll need to be running at least Android 3.0 or higher (though on smartphones, it’ll require Ice Cream Sandwich). That request shouldn’t be too difficult — after all, we’re talking about decade-old software — but on the off-chance someone you know is still using an LG Optimus One, you might want to help them pick out a replacement.

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If you’re actively using a device that will no longer be supported, you should receive a notification alerting you to the change. Google’s support page notes that some of its services are still accessible via the web browser, so if your grandma needs to check her email while her shiny new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is shipped to her home, she won’t be entirely out of luck.