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Anyone can set aside some time to learn how to play the guitar, but few can say they were taught how to play their favorite songs by their favorite artists. Fret Zealot is a robust guitar learning solution that will help you understand the guitar in new ways, as well as help you master your favorite songs directly from the people who wrote them.

According to Fender CEO Andy Mooney, a staggering 90% of new guitar players quit within just several months of picking it up. Today, there are an estimated 5 million unused guitars sitting in closets throughout the United States.

Fret Zealot is changing that. So far, Fret Zealot customers have been 3x more likely to stick with the guitar for the long haul. How, you might be wondering? Simple: Fret Zealot is more than a guitar lesson tool — it’s a robust learning system that helps burgeoning players understand their instruments in new ways.


What is Fret Zealot?

The Fret Zealot platform starts with the physical product — an LED strip that attaches to your existing guitar’s fretboard via integrated 3M tape. You don’t have to buy a new guitar or modify your current guitar in order to make it work. Just follow the instructions to get it installed, and you’re good to go.

Next is what you can do with it. Using Fret Zealot’s LED light system, it can show you how to form chords, play scales, and even learn your favorite songs. There’s also an effects mode that uses the LEDs to put on an awesome light show during your next live concert.

These features alone are enough to help a guitar player of any mastery level refine their skills, but Fret Zealot takes learning a step further. The platform features thousands of hands-on video lessons and courses led by world-class instructors, all synced up with the LED lights on your fretboard to enable you to follow along.

Also joining the Fret Zealot platform soon are Artist Channels, which let small and mid-sized artists connect and interact with players who are trying to learn their songs — something no other guitar learning system has done before.

Save $20 on the Fret Zealot store today

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Whether you have an old guitar sitting in your closet, or you’re ready to pick up the guitar for the first time, Fret Zealot has you covered. For a limited time, Android Police readers can get $20 off a Fret Zealot LED light system or a guitar combo pack over on Fret Zealot’s site when using the coupon code ANDROID at checkout. To learn more about Fret Zealot’s robust guitar learning platform, check out their website here.

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