Nexplay EVOS Considers ONIC PH as the Toughest Team in the Playoffs


Dogie is looking forward to the playoffs stage of the MPL PH Season 8

In a vlog posted on 5th Oct 2021, Dogie had a discussion with his team, Nexplay EVOS, on which teams they don’t want to go up against in the upcoming playoffs of the MPL PH Season 8. It was then revealed that Jhonwin “Hesa” Vergara, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, Jhon “H2wo” Salonga consider ONIC PH as the formidable team in the MPL PH Season 8, aside from the defending champions Blacklist International.

When Hesa was asked by Dogie as to why he chose ONIC PH, he jokingly responded that it was due to Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s “kind” attitude. Both Yawi and H2wo responded that ONIC PH is surprisingly strong compared to the previous MPL PH seasons.

“It looks like ONIC PH is strong this season. They have a solid lineup,” stated Dogie.

Dogie also revealed that even Nexplay EVOS’s head coach John Michael “Zico” Dizon thinks that ONIC PH is quite intimidating. However, Dogie still remains confident that his team can take down ONIC PH.

“For me, I think it should be Bren (Esports) and TNC (Pro Team), you guys can take down ONIC (PH),” stated Dogie.

Yawi echoed that TNC Pro Team is indeed strong when it comes to playoffs stages, where the stakes are much higher.

“It’s because Bren (Esports) and TNC (Pro Team) show how strong they are during playoffs stages, maybe if you give them more time, they get stronger,” Dogie responded to Yawi.

Both Bren Esports and TNC Pro Team are on the verge of elimination with Bren being in 7th place scoring 14 points while TNC is at 8th place with 11 points in the regular season. Both teams will have to double their efforts in the final week to secure a playoffs spot.

In the end, Nexplay EVOS came to an agreement that ONIC PH is indeed the scariest team in the current MPL PH Season 8 regular season. However, this doesn’t stop them from aiming for the championship title in the upcoming playoffs stage.

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