Earlier this year we saw a sizeable update to the Nest Hub and similar Google-powered smart speakers, adding a bunch of features and one cute-as-a-button little guy known as the “Weather Frog.” While the Sanrio-style frog is so far the only animated screen of its kind, if recent leaks are any indication, alternatives are coming down the pipe.

9to5 Google reports that the framework for more “Character Clocks” is in place on versions 1.54 and 1.56 of the Nest Hub Max, under a “Characters” option in the settings menu. The interface spotted seems to be largely placeholders, referring to “A Link” and “Web Ambient” elements. But the indication seems clear: at least someone at Google is working on expanding the current system.

We’ll have to wait and see whether that manifests as new versions of the Weather Frog (Weather Dog? Weather Parrot? Weather Naked Mole Rat?). “Characters” could be a more broad term referring to animated home screens, and of course, it could be a change that Google doesn’t end up implementing at all.