Netflix keeps up its Android gaming momentum with three new titles on the Play Store


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And one of them is called ‘Knittens,’ so you know it’s gonna be good

Gaming might’ve started as a hobby for Netflix, but it’s clear the company’s been taking it pretty seriously lately. Since the program launched worldwide last month, it’s already added several new games. With today’s update, three more are coming to the Play Store exclusively for Netflix subscribers to try out.

As with most of the titles added to the program so far, this addition leans heavily into the casual market. Dominoes Café, Knittens, and Wonderputt Forever are the latest to make their way to the Play Store, offering takes on dominoes, match-three, and golf, respectively. None of these games seem like the type to sell a new subscriber on signing up, but if you’re already a member, they might be worth downloading.


On their own, these might not sound overly appealing — in fact, I’m sure you could easily find near-identical apps on the Play Store available for free without a subscription. However, all three are offered without ads and in-app purchases, effectively eliminating the most annoying elements of casual mobile games without removing any of the charm people find in them. While mainstream console or PC gamers might not find themselves drawn to these entries, it’s nice to see alternatives to the usual spam-filled titles listed on the Play Store.

Netflix only opened up its gaming program to customers a month ago, but it’s already added several new entries. It even brought back a defunct Gameloft title from the dead, proving its interest in exclusive titles.

So hey, if you’ve got a second and you’re really into dominos, minigolf, or Candy Crush Saga, you can check out all three using the links below.


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