Mobile Legends x Star Wars Event to Return With a New Event-Exclusive Skin


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The Mobile Legends (MLBB): Bang Bang x Star Wars collaboration event is said to return in December 2021 with a new skin on top of the two previously released event-exclusive skins. According to data miners, the next skin will be called Alucard “Obi Wan Kenobi.” Alongside this new event-exclusive skin, the Argus “Darth Vader” and Cyclops “Master Yoda” skins will also return for a limited time for players to acquire. Moonton is yet to confirm the return of the Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event but in-game assets have been found in the game files suggesting that the collaboration event may be returning soon.

New Star Wars skin in Mobile Legends revealed by dataminers

One of the biggest collaboration events, the Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event may be coming back this December 2021 with brand new content, as revealed by data miner, . The new skin is called Alucard “Obi Wan Kenobi” and will be featured alongside the two previously released Star Wars skins in Mobile Legends.

According to the data miner, the event is expected to arrive on 21st December 2021. However, no details have been revealed regarding what type of event it shall be. Moonton is yet to confirm this information so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Upcoming Mobile Legends skins for November and December 2021

Alongside the new Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event skin, a few upcoming skins and heroes have also been revealed, expected to arrive sometime in November and December 2021.

Here is the list of skins and heroes that may be released;


  • 20th November – Lunox “Dawn Revelation” Epic Skin

  • 23rd November – Irithel “Sagittarius” Zodiac Skin

  • 23rd November – Kagura “Water Lily” Skin

  • 23rd November – Miya “Christmas Carnival” Epic Skin Revamp

  • 23rd November – New Hero Valentina

  • 23rd November – Valentina “Twilight Charmer” Skin

  • 26th November – Chou “Thunderfist” Hero Skin (Encore/Rerun event)

  • 29th November – Roger “Phantom Ranger” M3 Pass Skin

  • 29th November – Roger “Fiend Haunter” Prime Skin (After reaching level 100 in M3 Battle Pass)

  • 29th November – Belerick “Emerald Guardian” Special Skin


  • 1st December – Brody “Lethal Fang” Starlight Skin

  • 3rd December – Nana “Aqua Pura” Collector Skin

  • 11th December – Selena “Lady Vengeance” Abyss Skin

  • 14th December – Granger “Hellbringer” Special Skin

  • 16th December – Rafaela “Angelic Sonata” Christmas Skin

  • 21st December – New Hero Edith (Can be acquired for free)

  • 21st December – Alucard “Obi Wan Kenobi” Star Wars Skin

  • 21st December – Granger “Starfall Knight” Legendary Skin (Encore/Rerun event)

  • 22nd December – Martis “Capricorn” Zodiac Skin

  • 25th December – Tigreal “Steel Guardian” First Purchase Skin

  • 31st December – Harith Epic Skin

It will be interesting to see what surprises await players in the upcoming Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event.

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