Mobile Legends M3 Battle Emotes for Each Team Revealed


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The special Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 Battle Emotes, for each participating team in the M3 World Championships, have been leaked by data miners. To celebrate the start of the most prestigious event in Mobile Legends, 16 special emotes will be released themed around the teams that will be competing in the international esports event. These special emotes offer unique visual effects and sound effects that differ from their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Premier League (MPL) counterparts. The Mobile Legends M3 Support Battle Emotes will be released during the official launch of the M3 World Championship. However, Moonton is yet to reveal how fans can acquire these in-game emotes.

Special M3 Battle Emotes to be released in Mobile Legends

The will soon kick off on 6th Dec 2021 and will feature the top 16 Mobile Legends teams from around the world competing for the title of World Champions and the lion’s share of the $800,000 USD prize pool.

To celebrate the upcoming esports event, Moonton will be releasing M3-themed Battle Emotes to help fans proudly display the teams they support. According to the data miner, , these emotes differ from its MPL versions and will offer unique visual effects such as a golden glow while the team icons are encased with the M3 border. Sound effects are also altered with new voice lines for each team.

Here is a list of each team’s new voice lines for the Mobile Legends M3 Battle Emotes:

  • Todak – Todak, breaking the limits.

  • Team SMG – Steady, Bomb, BP!

  • SeeYouSoon – We are sooner!

  • RSG Singapore (SG) – RSG for the win!

  • RRQ Hoshi- Kneel before the king.

  • Red Canids Kalunga – Go RED!

  • ONIC Philippines (PH) – It’s ONIC time!

  • ONIC Indonesia (ID) – Nice!

  • Na’Vi – Nani? (Japanese for “What?”)

  • Malvinas Gaming – Malvinas gaming.

  • Vivo Keyd- Go KEYD!

  • GX Squad – GX MENA (Middle East, North Africa) e-power.

  • EVOS SG – Let’s go EVOS Singapore!

  • BloodThirstyKings – Path to power!

  • Blacklist International- Break the code.

  • Bedel – Bedel to the best!

Where to get Mobile Legends M3 Battle Emotes

Moonton is yet to reveal the full details regarding the upcoming emotes in the game. However, they may be unlockable through the upcoming which will be released on 29th November and will last until 2nd Jan 2022. This information is yet to be confirmed by Moonton so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

It will be interesting to see what more surprises await players in Mobile Legends when the M3 World Championship officially begins.

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