Marksman Heroes Will Receive Huge Changes in the Upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT Update


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Project Next update will be implementing a ton of battlefield adjustments which may potentially shake up the meta. As promised by Moonton, the in the Mobile Legends Project NEXT update, allowing them to have a greater impact in high-tier ranks. Some equipment will also be adjusted to be less effective against marksman heroes. Jungling equipment will also receive a small tweak to make it easier for jungle players to clear camps especially if their runes are still at low levels. Overall, the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT’s battlefield adjustments will increase the viability of the Marksman heroes significantly.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT update will implement battlefield adjustments

According to Moonton, the marksman role has one of the lowest pick-rates in high-tier ranked games. While marksman heroes are strong in lower ranks, these heroes are struggling to find their place in high-tier competitive matches.

In response to this, the devs will implement battlefield adjustments that will cater towards the marksman role, allowing them to have a greater impact within the game without ruining the viability of the other roles. Through a Facebook post on 17th Sept 2021, a few battlefield adjustments have been revealed to be added in the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT update.

Here is a quick summary of the battlefield adjustments coming soon;

Marksman heroes buffed

These heroes will receive a few improvements to their gameplay and laning ability during the early game:

  • Moskov

  • Irithel

  • Hanabi

  • Popol and Kupa

  • Clint

  • Karrie

  • Brody

Marksman emblem adjustment

A small change to the marksman runes will also be implemented. The Mastery: Cooldown Reduction will now be replaced with Agility: Movement Speed.

Gold Lane Adjustment

The lane where most marksmen tend to settle in, the Gold Lane, will also be receiving slight changes such as;

  • The attack range of turrets is increased and provides more protection.

  • It’s easier for ranged heroes to obtain gold by attacking the outer turret in the Gold Lane.

  • Adjustments on how much gold the siege minions give in the Gold Lane when killed.

Jungle equipment and creeps adjustments

A lot of changes will be implemented for jungle items and creeps. Here are the following changes that players can expect:

  • Jungling equipment deals lower damage to creeps for marksmen

  • The movement speed of marksmen if taking the jungling (retribution) role will be lowered.

  • Yi Sun-Shin’s role will be changed to Assassin. Granger will deal bonus damage to jungle creeps.

  • The movement speed of tanks if taking the jungling (retribution) role will be increased.

  • Jungle creeps will deal lower damage.

Other equipment adjustments

The prices for the equipment, Berserker’s Fury, Windtalker, Golden Staff, shall be lowered in the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT update. The tank items, Dreadnaught Armor, Antique Cuirass shall also be adjusted to be less effective against marksmen heroes.

In-game mechanics such as health regen will no longer be interrupted when getting attacked by jungle creeps and minions. A tweak on how players can get assists shall also be implemented to make it easier for players to acquire assists and contribute to the team.

It will be interesting to see if the battlefield adjustments in the upcoming Mobile Legends Project NEXT update will be able to improve the viability of marksman heroes in the current meta.

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