Locked Folder in Google Photos is starting to arrive for more Android users


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Another option for where to store your private goods


Encrypted local storage. Your device’s file manager and/or gallery can make it happen. Google’s own Files app, too. And Google Photos — you know, the app you use to back everything up onto the internet — introduced its own Locked Folder back in May, just for Pixels. While we sort of wished that we could have partitioned cloud storage of our sensitive things, we’re now seeing this feature spread to non-Google phones as well.

The company announced in October that Locked Folder on Google Photos would be made available to more Android devices as well as ones on iOS by the end of the year. On the ‘droid side at least, it looks like a promise kept.

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Some of our non-Pixel devices — these screenshots coming from a Samsung Galaxy A52 — are getting notifications about the new feature. If you swipe it away, you’ll be able to access your Locked Folder by heading into Google Photos, hitting the Library tab, and then Utilities. We have a tutorial on how to set it up and use it right here.

Remember, this is a locally-based solution and however many pictures or movies you move in there will be deleted from your account’s cloud storage and no longer be backed up unless you take them back out.


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