Krafton Announces New Schedule for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021


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The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS) which was announced on 15th July earlier this year, underwent some major delays but is about to resume once again. Krafton came forward yesterday on 23rd November to highlight that the registrations for the tournament, which are still ongoing, will be concluding on Sunday, 28th November 2021.

Finally, after more than four months the registration for the tournament will come to an end, as the BGIS 2021 proceeds with the actual competition. The first stage of the tournament is scheduled to start from 4th December, coming to an end on 16th January 2022 with the grand finals.

The complete schedule of the BGIS 2021 has been provided below along with the original schedule of the tournament, as per which the BGIS 2021 champion would have already been crowned on 10th October.

BGIS 2021 Updated New Schedule: Complete Information

Originally, BGIS 2021 registrations were planned to take place from 19th July to 2nd August followed by the tournament all set to be played between 2nd August to 10th October 2021. However, by the end of July Krafton had decided to extend the registration deadline so players would have more time to squad up and register their team.

Though the registration dates were extended, no new date or schedule was provided by Krafton at that point in time. The competition dates were moved without any news of when the event would be taking place. There were not even any reasons provided for shifting the entire tournament by more than two months.

So it was quite a surprise when Krafton out of the blue announced the final registration date as 28th November, followed by the entire schedule for BGIS 2021 which is as follows,

This is the new schedule of the BGIS 2021 tournament, running from 4th December 2021 all the way up to 16th January 2022, when the first-ever Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) champion shall be crowned.

Information about the various stages of the tournament is as follows:

  • In-Game Qualifiers (4th to 8th December 2021)

    This will be the first stage of the tournament which will witness all the registered teams playing ranked matches in-game along with their teammates.

    The teams would be required to play a total of 15 matches with their registered teammates, however, only the first 10 will be considered for evaluation and scored accordingly.

    In case of a tie, certain parameters such as finishes, survival time, accuracy, and more will be considered for a team’s placement. In total, the top 1024 BGMI teams will qualify for the next round.

  • Online Qualifiers (16th to 30th December, 2021)

    The 1024 BGMI teams that qualify will then compete in the online qualifiers which will almost go on for a whole month. From here, only 64 teams will further qualify on to the next round.

  • Quarter Finals (2nd to 5th January, 2022)

    The 64 teams will fight hard in this round as things start to get serious, as only 24 teams will move ahead in the tournament.

  • Semi-Finals (7th to 10th January, 2022)

    With the most competitive teams remaining in the tournament, from here on out, only the final 16 teams will qualify ahead on to the Grand Finals.

  • Grand Finals (13th to 16th January, 2022)

    The final 16 teams will fight it out in the final four days of the event to crown the first Battlegrounds Mobile India champion of the country.

The registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 will conclude on 28th November 2021. All the players, squads, and teams interested in participating in BGIS 2021 can find more information related to the registry by ‘Clicking Here’.

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