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how to see clipboard history iphone 

How do you view clipboard history on iPhone?

If you’ve ever wanted to see what you’ve copied and pasted on your iPhone, there’s now a way to do just that. A new feature in iOS 14 called Clipboard History lets you view and manage your clipboard. Here’s how to use it.

Follow these steps

Step 1: open the Settings app

Step 2: select General

Step 3: scroll down and tap on Keyboard

Step 4: enable the Clipboard History feature

Step 5: open the Notes app and begin a new note

Step 6: tap and hold on the screen to bring up the Paste menu


In conclusion,follow these steps to view your clipboard history on iPhone: open Settings, tap General, tap Keyboard, and finally tap Keyboards. At the bottom of the Keyboards page, you will see a Clipboard heading. Tap that heading to view your clipboard history. If you want to clear your clipboard history, tap the Clear button under the Clipboard heading.


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