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How To Get Free Robux in Roblox! | 5 Best ways to Get Free Robux

Are you sick and tired of not having any Robux? What about not being able to get access to alpha and beta games and paid access? What about buying custom clothes for your character like some sweets any actions?

well today, I’m gonna show you the most simple and easiest way to get free Robux to your account. How cool is that? Hey guys, my name is Pushkar, I’m me showing you how to get free Robux into your account.

How To Get Free Robux

You probably think is straight away this is stupid. There is no way to get free Robux bucks. I don’t know every way possible it’s a scam you always ask for your passwords personal information. How is it even real?

How To Get Free Robux
How To Get Free Robux

I’m gonna tell you right now guys it is. I didn’t believe it at the first I’m skeptical. I was like Nah. This is never going to work couldn’t you can’t get free Robux and I discovered this method, and I was like damn, everything I knew before was a lie. So again like I said it never asked for any passwords this way it never asked for any personal information.

it’s a simple you give you get kind of like scenario and what you’re going to do is simply you download free apps on the app store and you need to move our device for this so you download free apps and
In return this website will give you free Robux, still sounds pretty crazy right yeah, I can see what you’re thinking but
Find out why right so you see right now.

How To Get Free Robux

I’ve created this new brand new Roblox account called Kings Shuddhi AK-103 the reason I created this is because again it gives you No Roblox to start with check it out here look see my transactions There’s nothing in here never being a single Robux entered this account. So I’m going to use this account to get the free robux to show you that you actually do get the roblux.

I’m gonna try and get some beta access to a game or maybe even buy some sweet Semi ak but maybe who? So how do you descend well you’re going to need a mobile device and by mobile? I mean even an Ios device or an Android device, Can you be a phone or a tablet even one it doesn’t really matter you need an Android Ios device that can install apps from the app store.

Now you can see right now I got into the iPad already, so I’m using the iPad for this you can use phones as well you know whatever you’ve got to hand so check this link in the right now. you can follow along with me and get some free Robux.

How To Get Free Robux
How To Get Free Robux

So what do I do in the search bar the top on the internet in Safari or Google ever it? Maybe is type in Rb. X then we do dots place then forward slash Rewards that’s all you got to type in and press enter. You’ll take you to this website now Looking a bit crazy, and this is the exciting part at the very top.

You can see here It says current funds available now. What that basically means is how many kind of free robux are available to be given to you right now? Meaning the limits on your thousand robux. They’re waiting for me to put them into my account like I’m nice and light like how crazy is that too much thousand Robux waiting right now
Click on the link just waiting for you.

so how do you get them? What does a bunch of offers and many different ways in which you can do this? You can see by default when awful rule one We’ve got an awful wall to an offer wall free so all you do is complete all these various tasks whatever it may be my personal favorite ones like installing the apps because can it tells you like the clan castle clash you get 26 Free Robux for doing that?

if I zoom into it there you can see 26, Robux it basically means I get to install a free app and I get 26 Robux. in sort of free app and You know this is a cool way for me to discover new apps and store this free app I pay it I get really addicted to it and then realize oh wait a second.

I just made 26, Robux. I want to buy a sign yep sure There are other ones aren’t down but the king of champions for darts. That’s 46 Robox Kind of crazy isn’t it but it’s over stuff to look at there is light stuff like you buy a paid app like final fantasy you do have to buy that why we see the Kind of matter Rubbish again with turn and it’s over stuff as well I think this one domain you set off a wall free that.

You complete like surveys and stuff like that So you know you complete a survey for trying to win 500 if on Japan Ikea batches now Give you 47 Roblox like you know But personally my favorite ones is the apps anyway.

How To Get Free Robux
How To Get Free Robux

So all we got to do is click on one of these I’m going to go for the clash castle in cologne looks like a really cool game So repressed get it and what do you then do is go up to? Open in the app store and get directions straight to the app store So we just waitlist them now load up And then without doing then is download the game and install it and then open it up and then straight away Will then get the free Robux? There we go.

I trouble connecting app store by press get installed I respect this in-game to install now this kind of like a cool game kind of looks like a little bit like a Was it a clash of clans kind of style? So this is a really cool way in which we can you know get Robux for installing games But at the same time, we get to discover these games that we never knew existed And I feel like this is the kind of game.

I play a lot of like clash of clans and all that I feel like that is a Be kind again that can get really into so I wonder I wouldn’t have known this game existed if it wasn’t for me getting free robux. So there’s always a benefit to everything that we do. It’s kind of cool.

So we got doing that way for this game install Open it up, and then once you open it up and go back to the website no ventilation our claim rewards section that we’ve now got those free Robux in our account waiting to be transferred over and Then we’ll go on to the next step so what is right for this game to now download so it’s now it’s downloaded I’m going to open it up. Oh is it a landscape game. No work there now any notifications, right?

We go in landscape get to game mode guys we legit go in landscape mode So this is quite going I’m excited to play this game now. Let’s see what it’s all about, so Gosh, I’m glad there’s no a clash of clans was it castle clash there. We go skip the territorial We don’t need a tutorial look at is this my little world.

It was kind of cool Isn’t it how do we fight then maybe it maybe I shouldn’t skip the tutorial Let’s here. Let’s fight this dude. All right former team right I’ve only got a hero to start we’re Gonna start the bout a gun fight him oh I do get rekt I’m not very good at this game a mine. I don’t think so, but that’s not the point We’re here anyway guys the whole point.

We’re here is not to watch they played these types of games We’ve actually come for the free robux so we head back to the internet as
We’re now back, so what we need to do that is go to claim Rewards and now a.m.. Pain is there look my offer. It worked. I now have a payout of 26 Robux Ready and waiting for me because I got castle clash.

So how do we play me then it’s very simple you just click on the claim now and enter in your world blocks using Hey now, if I go back to the screen here where we’re on our account lets go to the home section here My name was king said yeah quad to free again. You just seem right there new Roblox so back in the app We type in King Sediuk let me get this right as well.

I’m not sure if it is case-sensitive there we go, but I do it anyway king steady ak Good by the water place here, we go 1 2 3 and press ok and Now we just wait for the update, and it says please join this group So if you ever entered any my giveaways in the past you have to join my group for me to give you the free Robux has this works too. So you just gotta join their group?

So please join this group, and we click it and you can see the group right now We’re going to join it and once we enjoying it There’s no wait and a grief bam there we go back into the rewards. It’s nice successful So we press ok now if I go back, so I Robux account look at that at the very top there 26 free Robux.

I’m not even lying if I’d enter the desktop version again. It’s now at Zero, but if I refresh the screen Here we go, but bam. We got 26 Robux I Told you did you believe me? No no go back don’t leave me You can get free Robux off this website It didn’t ask me for any personal information all I had to do was complete its Task it told me. How many robux I was going to get once I completed the task?

I claim my reward and Obviously the only thing I had to put in was my Roblox Username and as I was it because that’s how it gives you the money. There are no passwords no private information Roblox username you join their fan group on Roblox, so if I go to the group section here Can I see I’m in there Roblox group? There’s a bunch of members – so everybody’s doing this method And I see once you join that group here that group gives you the Robux that you’ve now earned. I’ll go into it We should say robux Payouts 26 looks at that.

We’ve got 26 Free Robux for installing the app looked really really cool So I feel like that’s something I’m going to go you know later tonight on – chilling and play that a little bit more. So I’ve discovered this new app. I got some sweet (how to get free Robux), and you know I’m gonna do right now I’ll show you

they got all that from my free Robux Now those who thought that this was a real. I just proved it. I just proved that it’s real I mean, I’ve only got one free Robux left right now, so I’m never going to do some more surveys and ballads and more apps but I bet you weren’t expecting that was you a bad lobby, or what you might now go in ah Sandy acts right you can get free Robux, and it’s safe. I mean secure, and there are no problems Why did I ever doubt it so guys the link for this website will be here

Make sure you go check it out And the only reason I’m showing you this guy is that a lot of you want to play games that you can’t get access to Because again, it’s in Beta paid access to stuff like you know we’ve all the times we plate real Entry Andrew still in beta I’m not sure a vehicle simulator is restaurant tycoon. Just come out of a tap blocksberg.

That’s another beta paid access game He’s going to for your extra free Robux there and you can play these games that you could never have done before and A little bit extra cash money, Moolah! in the bank or Euro bucks You can buy some sweet clothes and shirts and trousers some hats for you carried that I’ve shown this method, so Buy some semi action You don’t have to but I mean you can customize your character Safe secure simple if you didn’t believe me your fold because you can now do it So hope you guys enjoyed this video does why just share this with you? It’s cool.

How To Get Free Robux
How To Get Free Robux

It’s amazing If there are any ways in which I can show you guys how to have the full experience That I would do that, and this is just one of those ways so as always guys. Thanks for Reading How to get free Robux, until next time. I see turn so good


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