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The idea of live casinos first came to life in the mid-90s, causing huge waves in the gambling market. However, while this trend has been around for decades, most live casino games have only been released recently. Fortunately, the days when playing casino games at home meant spending isolated evenings playing against the casino software are long gone.

Today, most casinos allow a skilled human dealer to stand at a traditional casino table with real equipment to officiate and supervise a session being broadcasted to screens worldwide. Players can then log into the casino platform whenever they want to enjoy a game at home, getting all the visuals, excitement, and adrenaline rush of a live casino. All this excitement comes without the long lines, parking hustles, and second-hand smoking that characterize many casino establishments.

It’s important to note that Live casinos are expensive to develop compared to normal online games, so not all online casinos offer them. Fortunately, these games can be found on reputable and licensed websites like, which you can play using real money. Here is how these games have transformed the online casino industry:

No More Concerns of Cheating or Rigging

The biggest distinction between playing a computer-controlled game and a live casino game is the presence of a real human. When playing with a real human dealer, players tend to have a better sense of peace as they are assured there is no risk of ringing or cheating. However, not all computer-controlled online casino games are susceptible to cheating or rigging, especially those that are legal and regulated by the government.

While some players are concerned about cheating in computer-controlled online casino games, regulated casinos use fair algorithms (random number generators) to generate the outcome. That makes it hard for the player to determine a specific pattern in these games, eliminating the risk of game rigging or cheating. Unfortunately, not many players understand how random number generators work, which raises concerns about rigging or cheating. However, many casino players are willing to play live dealer games as there are no cheating concerns.

Personal Encounters

Nothing beats the experience of enjoying a casino game with a real person, no matter how vibrant or flashy the graphics and visuals of the online casino game are. That degree of interaction is only available with live dealer games, no matter how amusing it can be to watch cards being shuffled digitally by computer-generated characters.

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Watching a real human dealing the cards offers the players a more enjoyable and relaxing experience than traditional online card games. Similarly, watching a real roulette ball rolling and slowly stopping in position can be much more thrilling than waiting for a visual ball to find a place on the screen.

A Much More Enjoyable Experience

Most live dealer casino games are operated by attractive women and men dressed elegantly to make the experience as visually stunning as possible. That makes the games more attractive to the eye, which exceeds any computer-generated characters. Additionally, since they’re real people, they also have feelings and a genuine sense of humor that’s more interesting than any pre-programmed dialogue in software-controlled games.

Full Service is Available

A live dealer casino game can start at any time of the day, allowing players to enjoy the experience 24/7. The dealers work in shifts, studios film 24 hours daily and the filming crew also work in shifts. Additionally, players are removed from realizing with a few seconds as the impulse to bet occurs and there’s a large number of qualifying live games on different platforms.

Interactional Aspect

Most live dealer games feature some level of interaction, whether it’s with other players or the human dealer. This interaction can be through a live chat where the human dealer reads and responds to queries and messages from the players, a live stream shared with players, or live audio messaging, among other approaches. Unfortunately, no computer-controlled game can replicate this interactional aspect, as the players are usually alone and there is no contact between them and other participants even when they’re present.

The Ability to Observe Without Betting

 The ability to watch games without betting is a major benefit of live dealer games over software-based online casino games. The player can watch a game indefinitely, even without placing any bets. Similar to a traditional casino, you can sit at a table where a casino game is in progress and enjoy watching the action. That can benefit you immensely if you practice tactics, as it will help you draw conclusions based on how the other players’ gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Live dealers games are the best solution for gamblers craving a real and practical casino experience without all the hustle of visiting congested local casinos. However, these casinos come at a higher price than regular software-based casino games, so you need to be cautious when sitting at a live casino table. It’s also recommendable to choose skill-based live dealer games instead of luck-based games to minimize the house edge using an optimized strategy.

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