Assistant is a key part of Google’s app ecosystem. Since it was first introduced in 2016 with the first Google Pixel smartphones, Google has made it central to the Pixel experience and to Android in general. And being so important to Google, it was just logical for it to be one of the next apps to get its respective dose of Material You redesign. A redesign for the Google Assistant, complete with dynamic theming, is now rolling out.

Google has been rolling out Material You redesigns for several of its apps, including Google Keep, Google Photos, and Google Podcasts, so it makes sense for the Google Assistant to be next in line. This Google Assistant Material You redesign was spotted by XDA-Developers on version of the Google app, on a Google Pixel 3 running Android 12 Beta 5. We weren’t able to replicate it on a device of our own, suggesting that this is a staged rollout.

Google Assistant Material You 3 Google Assistant Material You 1

Material You dynamic theming on the Google Assistant. Image credits: XDA

As for the redesign itself, it seems pretty tame compared to the redesigns of other Google apps. Aside from the background color and accents changing depending on the color of your wallpaper, we can also see some button shapes changing to round squares. The rest of the UI remains the same for the most part.

If you want to check this out on your device, be mindful that you’ll need to have a Pixel on the latest Android 12 beta, and even having the latest version of the Android app might not get Material You to show up, as this seems to be an A/B rollout.