Google’s long-awaited Pixel Watch sounds like it could actually be launching pretty soon


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The company wants to build a wearable for everyone


It’s crazy to consider just how close we came to a Pixel Watch back in 2016. Google nearly launched an LG-made wearable of its own alongside the original Pixel phones before bailing out of the plan at the last minute. Since then, the occasional murmurs about a potential first-party smartwatch have sprung up, fueled by acquisitions and reignited interest in Wear OS. Hot on the heels of a partnership with Samsung, it sounds like Google is ready to try its hand at smartwatch hardware one more time.

According to a new report from Business Insider, the company is working on “Rohan,” a wearable designed to showcase the power of Wear OS 3 — and, presumably, future versions — without relying on third-party development. As with nearly all modern Android-friendly smartwatches, this gadget features a round display without a physical bezel. It’s unclear whether or not it’ll come in multiple sizes, though Google is apparently aiming to create a model that fits on the wrists of “90% of the population.”


As with any modern wearable, it’ll include a whole host of health-related sensors, including a heart-rate monitor. However, this isn’t a Fitbit device, so if you’re focused on fitness tracking, you’ll want to wait for the company’s long-promised Wear OS model. It’s also missing out on the extreme battery life that comes with dedicated fitness trackers, as early testers have reported charging is a daily requirement.

Although “Pixel Watch” seems like an obvious candidate for its name, nothing’s locked into place just yet, with today’s report suggesting it’s referred to by several titles internally. The watch itself has reached testing outside of the core team working on the project, a good sign for anyone who has spent the last half-decade wishing for a first-party Android wearable. Business Insider says the wearable is on track for a 2022 release, which might be enough to convince prospective Galaxy Watch4 buyers to hold off.

Wear OS 3 really impressed us this year, bringing a ton of improvements to the smartwatch experience on Android. Unfortunately, it’s still exclusive to Samsung’s lineup, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be changing anytime soon. There’s no guarantee a prospective Pixel Watch will outshine the Galaxy Watch4 series, but it might be enough to push wearables on Android to finally compete with the Apple Watch’s popularity.

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