One of the little Google features we probably all take for granted is being able to easily find services near to us via Maps, Assistant, Search, etc. Unfortunately, some Android Auto users have been encountering a bug that meant searching for anything “near me” or “nearby” would return results close to the users’ homes, rather than their current location. Thankfully, Google says it’s rolled out a fix.

If you’re one of the unlucky users to have come across this issue, I can imagine it would be very frustrating if you’re miles away from home and you search for a nearby gas station, only to be shown options near to where you live instead. According to this Android Auto Help thread, an Assistant bug was affecting numerous users. Google Pixels and Samsung phones were mostly mentioned, but it was likely even more widespread.

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Google responded to the complaint pretty quickly, and four months on, Pawan from the Android Auto Team updated the thread with news about the fix. The Assistant team has apparently rolled out a patch to resolve the issue. Once you’ve updated the Google app on your phone to the latest version, you should no longer have to deal with this frustrating limitation.

There’s been one comment since the supposed fix that suggests it’s still not working exactly as it should, so we’ll keep an eye on this one in case there’s still work for Google to do. If this issue has been affecting you, let us know in the comments if it’s been rectified.