Google already teased that it would have some presents in store for us for its 23rd birthday, and while the US unfortunately isn’t included in the latest sale, there are some good deals to be had in many other parts of the world. In some countries, Google offers up to 23% off.

While the Asia/Pacific region is limited to only 15% off, sales are a bit better for Europeans. Depending on where you live, you might get up to 23% off select products. However, given that prices for some products have already fallen significantly outside of the Google Store, be sure to check your local price comparison tools to see if Google’s deals are even worth it for you.

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None of the stores will straight up tell you that there’s a 23% off option for a few products, but when you click through some listings, you’ll find a present section you can click on that reveals a 23% off code. We’ve only found it to be available for the Pixel 4a, the Nest Audio, and the old Chromecast without Google TV in a handful of countries, though. In any case, these are all the deals we could find, including the “secret” 23% off one, if available:



  • Denmark (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • France (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • Germany (20% with GOOGLEBDAY, 23% with BDAYSURPRISE23)
  • Ireland (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • Italy (20% with GOOGLEBDAY, 23% with BDAYSURPRISE23)
  • The Netherlands (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • Norway (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • Spain (20% with GOOGLEBDAY, 23% with BDAYSURPRISE23)
  • Sweden (20% with GOOGLEBDAY)
  • United Kingdom (20% with GOOGLEBDAY, 23% with BDAYSURPRISE23)