If you’re working from home, you know how frustrating it can be to open your front door and find a missed delivery note. “I was here!” you’ll scream to the heavens, but it’s too late. That unspecified truck is long gone, along with whatever’s in that box waiting for you to open it. If you’re sick of missing deliveries — or you’re out of the house and looking to keep an eye on the front door — Ring’s Video Doorbell 3 is at its lowest price yet at Amazon.

With 1080p video, real-time notifications, and a removable battery pack that lasts between six and twelve months on a single charge, this is a fantastic security camera for your house. It features a 160° field of view capable of tracking everything happening on your street corner, sending you a notification if it spots any activity. It also features a two-way microphone, so you can politely ask that delivery driver to give you a minute as you put on pants race out of your home office.

ring video doorbell saler

This price is the cheapest we’ve seen on the Video Doorbell 3, and while it’s not quite as feature-packed as its successor, this unit is much more affordable. You can grab one using the link below, though don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer than expected to ship. This deal is popular enough that Amazon is showing an “In stock soon” notice. With any luck, it’ll be the last time you nearly miss a package at your door.