Fossil’s new Gen 6 smartwatch taps into the power of Qualcomm’s latest chip, ready and waiting for Wear OS 3


Fossil’s long been a leading figure in the Android smartwatch segment, releasing some of our favorite hardware over the years, like the 2018 Fossil Sport and the 2019 Q Gen 5. After offering an incremental update to the tried and true Gen 5 in 2020, Fossil’s back in a big way with the new Gen 6 smartwatch collection.

Gen 6 is a refreshed take on Fossil’s successful wearables formula. Each model includes a stainless steel body, a 1.28” full rounded AMOLED display, and your choice of two case sizes, three colors, and three band styles. In addition to these features, Fossil homed in on three other key areas this year, all of which were optimized to compliment the impending Wear OS 3, Google’s revamped wearable operating system developed in collaboration with Samsung.

Power and performance that’s ready for Wear OS 3

Fossil Gen 6 is the first smartwatch on the market to come equipped with Qualcomm’s 4100+ chip, making it a shoe-in for Wear OS 3 when it launches next year. Gen 6 also features Bluetooth 5 for more stable connectivity, along with rapid charging that’s up to two times faster than Gen 5.

Also under the hood, you’ll find 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and a battery that can achieve up to more than 24 hours of use on a single charge, thanks to Fossil’s Smart Battery Modes. Finally, Gen 6 is jam packed with sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, Sp02 pulse oximeter, and more.

Personalize your experience

Fossil Gen 6 Split

Fossil understands that every timepiece should be as unique as its wearer. With Gen 6, there are plenty of ways to customize your watch. Start by choosing between two sizes: the larger 44mm model or the smaller 42mm version. Then select your case color, from Smoke, to Gunmetal, to Rose Gold-Tone. Next, you’ll have your choice of a silicone, leather, or stainless steel band. Finally, once your watch arrives, swipe through more than 25 original Fossil watch faces, and download even more using the Facer app that comes preloaded on Gen 6.

Of course, customization isn’t the only way to personalize your Fossil Gen 6 experience. Set up Google Pay to purchase items out in the real world with just a tap of your wrist. Summon Google Assistant to answer all of your burning questions, send messages, or pull up your schedule. Understand your body better with continuous heart rate tracking and blood oxygen levels. The Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch can do it all.

Track your health and fitness like never before

Fossil Gen 6 Learn More

Speaking of understanding your body better, Fossil Gen 6 was designed with cutting-edge health and fitness features in mind. Take the continuous heart rate sensor, which is now able to track your heartbeat without interruption, giving you a more complete look at your health.

Then there’s the brand new Sp02 pulse oximeter that will offer up estimated blood oxygen measurements and display them over time, letting you know how efficiently oxygen circulates throughout your body.

Fossil Gen 6 also offers automatic activity tracking, so you’ll never miss out on logging a walk, run, or workout. Just get up, go, and let Gen 6 do the rest.

Buy a Fossil Gen 6 today

Fossil Gen 6 Models

Fossil Gen 6 is available today with the 42mm and 44mm versions both starting at $299. Don’t forget that Gen 6 comes in a variety of colors, band options, and looks to appease both masculine and feminine tastes, letting you create a truly unique timepiece that reflects your style.

To learn more about Gen 6, including how you can pick one up for yourself, head on over to Fossil’s website here.

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