Football Club Wolves Announced Its Entry Into the Honor of Kings Esports Scene in China


The England Football Club, Wolverhampton Wanderers, widely known as Wolves, has announced its entry into the Honor of Kings (HoK) esports scene in China. Fosun Sports, a Chinese company that owns the football club, acquired the King Pro League (KPL) team, Chongqing QGhappy. This makes them the very first football club to venture into the Asian esports scene. The team will rebrand to Chongqing Wolves and will participate in future Honor of Kings esports events in China. Chongqing QGhappy is known for winning the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup in 2021. The team will participate in the upcoming KPL Fall 2021 which is expected to kick off in September 2021.

Chongqing Wolves Enters the KPL Esports Scene in China

With the acquisition of the Honor of Kings powerhouse team, Chongqing QGhappy, Fosun Sports enters esports with a brand new squad called Chongqing Wolves. The team acquired both the brand and team roster of Chongqing QGhappy and will be participating in the upcoming KPL Fall 2021.

This big revelation was posted on the, detailing its plans in expanding its investment in the Asian esports scene.

Fosun Sports will continue to increase its investment in esports in the future. We are optimistic about esports and KPL is the most important part of our esports industry,” stated Deng Houjun, president of Fosun Sports.

Chongqing QGhappy has been very successful in the Honor of Kings esports scene. The team was crowned champions in various esports events such as the 2017 HoK Championship Cup, KPL spring and Fall 2017, and the HoK World Champion Cup 2021.

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Peng “Fly” Yunfei (彭云飞)

  • Yan “JieJie” Jiejie (鄢杰杰)

  • Xia “Hurt” Shengqqin (夏圣钦)

  • Wan “139” Tong (万童)

  • Li “XiaoPang” Daheng (李达亨)

  • Cai “XiangYu” Youqi (蔡佑其)

  • Zhong “1dao” Letian (钟乐天)

  • Yang “Fanfan” Fan (杨帆)

  • Liu “Yuese ” Tao (刘涛)

  • Guo “XiaoHui” Yanghui (郭扬辉)

  • Wang “ChenChen” Chen (王晨)

  • Zou “YeChen” Chuxin (邹楚鑫)

Fosun Sports currently has teams from various esports titles such as FIFA Online 4, Call of Duty Mobile, and Identity V in China under the Wolves Esports brand.

The company has also made investments into the North American esports scene through a partnership with Evil Geniuses, an esports organization known for its teams in DOTA 2, League of Legends, Valorant, and many more.

With this acquisition, it will be interesting to see if Chongqing Wolves will be able to keep its momentum going and dominate future Honor of Kings esports events in China.

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