Exclusive survey: CIOs outline tech priorities for 2021-22


It’s a challenging time for IT leaders helping build businesses back better, with some of their biggest challenges being finding the workers, skills, and budget to deal with the workload.

That, at least, is what IDG Research found in its just-published study of CIO Technology Priorities. The study, conducted in May 2021, asked IT leaders in a range of industries about the challenges they faced and how their investment priorities have shifted as they prepare for what we now see as the new normal.

Compared to the first year of the pandemic, 50% of IT leaders expected their budgets to increase for the year to May 2022, with just 8% expecting a decrease.

Despite that budget optimism, 49% of IT leaders cited lack of budget as one of their top challenges for the year, right alongside staff shortages, with 47% struggling to find the right skillsets. Budgets are particularly tight in education, where 62% of IT leaders rated money a top challenge, while finding staff with the right IT skills was a major concern for 82% of government organizations.

Remote work remedies, ongoing security concerns

It looks as though CIOs have overcome one challenge they were facing in April 2020, when IDG Research carried out its CIO COVID-19 Impact Study: remote collaboration. Back then, over two-thirds of IT leaders said they needed to modernize or upgrade their collaboration technology.

Now, collaboration tools are a top concern for just 4% of IT leaders, and the vast majority have adapted to performing most aspects of their work remotely. Only 1% cited a lack of remote training capabilities as a significant challenge, and just 4% cited an inability to test or evaluate products while working remotely.

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