EcoFlow just announced a new class-leading portable power station. To celebrate it’s $200 off, but only today


Anyone who has ever attended a middle school dance knows the words to the disco classic ‘Electric Boogie’ by Bunny Wailer. The lyrics of that song proclaim “Now you can’t hold it, it’s electric (boogie woogie woogie).”

Well, Bunny, turns out you were wrong about that. In 2021 you can hold electricity, and whole lot of it at that! OK, technically you can’t hold the electricity by itself, but you can hold EcoFlow’s new DELTA mini portable power station which has a massive 882Wh capacity (the average cell phone has a 12Wh battery for comparison).

Why would you want or need a massive portable power station like this? The better question might be why wouldn’t you? Pretty much everything that makes life convenient, productive, or just less boring runs on this electricity stuff.

With the DELTA mini you don’t have to leave all the electrified comforts of home behind when you go camping in the wilderness (well, maybe you should leave your dishwasher and clothes dryer at home, as those are hard to fit in the trunk of your car).

Want to throw a killer dance party for your friends in the middle of the desert at 1AM with some sick bass, poppin’ strobes, and maybe a freakin’ laser too? Well, you can if you buy a DELTA mini (we can’t help you with the friends part though, sorry).

You know who else should consider owning one of these? Anyone who lives in a home with electricity. Outages are all the rage these days. With all the wildfires, monsoons, hurricanes, and politicians out there wreaking havoc on electrical grids you could lose power at any time. (It would be kind of amazing timing if one of you lost power immediately after reading that sentence.)

EcoFlow DELTA Mini 4

How are you going to work from home without power? More importantly, how are you going to make your coffee so your brain can function while you work from home? I know what those of you who are familiar with portable batteries are thinking, “Akchewaly, you can’t power a coffee maker with a battery like this, they don’t have sufficient output.”

Well, turns out you are as wrong as Bunny Wailer. Many batteries can’t power high power draw appliances, but with a whopping 1400W output the DELTA mini can power 90% of appliances (but not at the same time, it’s a battery, not Thor).

“Can it even run a hair dryer?”

Yes, it can. Does that blow your mind?

“But not a vacuum cleaner, right?”

It can run that too!

“Well, it for sure can’t power a dishwasher! Or can it?”

What if I told you… It can!

“What are examples of other things it can power?”

I’m glad you asked. Here are more examples:

  • a band saw
  • a microwave
  • a coffee maker
  • a projector
  • a portable refrigerator
  • a rice cooker
  • a Macbook Pro
  • a pancake griddle
  • a television
  • a Hitachi massager (great for relieving sore muscles after hiking).

EcoFlow DELTA Mini 2

Pretty much if it plugs, it chugs. Also, with its whopping 882Wh capacity it can keep one of those devices going and going and going (unlike some non-rechargeable batteries). A few examples:

  • Car fridge: 12 hours
  • Drone: 12 recharges
  • TV: 6 hours (two thirds of the LOTR trilogy ain’t bad)
  • Rice Cooker: 3 batches
  • Coffee Maker: 6 pots
  • Microsoft Zune: (IDK, but probably a whole lot of recharges)

Knowing the readership of Android Police, I’m sure you have more objections. Well, bring ‘em on, my fingertips are crackling and ready over my keyboard!

“But it takes forever to charge one of these things!”

-ZAP- Not so fast! Well, actually, it is so fast. According to our friends at EcoFlow:

“EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology enables DELTA mini to be recharged from 0% to 80% in one hour, and be fully recharged in 1.6 hours (900W input). It is the fastest charging speed in the industry, competitors take three to seven hours to be fully recharged.” (Wow, that’s a sick burn at the end there, am-i-right?)

What does that mean in non-marketing jargon terms? It means that when your wife reminds you to charge the DELTA mini before you go to bed so she can power her PA system to shout encouragement during Sophia’s soccer game you can say “sure honey” then roll over and go to sleep because you’ve got more than enough time to charge it in the morning. That, my friends, is some peace of mind!

“Well, what good is this thing if I’m camping for more than one night?”

-ZIP- You know what’s great about this battery? You can recharge it when you are camping! How? By harnessing the power of the sun. Renewables baby! Take it away EcoFlow:

The DELTA mini accepts solar input of 11-75V, 10A, 300W maximum. In perfect sunlight, connect with 3 x 110W solar panels (1 x 400W solar panel or 2 x 160W solar panels), DELTA mini can be fully recharged in 4 to 8 hours

“That all sounds pretty good, but a battery like that has got to be like $1,500”

-ZOP- You would think that, but it’s not! The DELTA mini’s MSRP is $999. Oh, and to celebrate its launch, today only it’s only $799 on HSN. I know what you are thinking, “Can I trust HSN, I haven’t shopped with them before?”

Well, ask yourself this, has HSN ever let your aunt Patricia down when delivering her Swarovski crystal decorations? I didn’t think so. HSN is legit.

Still not convinced you need an EcoFlow DELTA mini in your life? Then watch this video which has been prepared with the sole intent of convincing you that you need an EcoFlow DELTA mini in your life. In fact, I dare you to watch it and not be convinced.

Ok, now that you are convinced, here’s the link you need to buy one. Remember, that price is only good for today. (Because it’s a proven sales tactic that if you sacrifice a portion of revenue by discounting a product you can still achieve greater total revenue by increasing sales volume.)

What are you waiting for? You can’t resist it, you can’t do without it; it’s electric. So slide on over to check it out for yourself.

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