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    Diego Sinagra Wiki, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More

    Diego Sinagra is an Italian footballer who is considered the most celebrated son of the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona.

    Diego Sinagra is an Italian footballer who is considered the most celebrated son of the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona.


    Diego Armando Maradona Sinagra was born on Saturday, September 20, 1986 (age 34 years; as of 2020), in Naples, Italy, where he was raised by his mother, Cristiana Sinagra.

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    A childhood photo of Diego Sinagra with his mother

    While growing up in Naples, Italy, Sinagra developed an interest in football, and he started playing professional football at an early age.

    Diego Sinagra playing football with his childhood friend Giuseppe Falcao

    Physical Appearance

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    Height: 5′ 5¾”

    Eye Color: Moss Green

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Diego Sinagra walking

    Family & Ethnicity

    Diego Sinagra belongs to a Roman Catholic Italian family in Naples.

    Parents and Siblings

    Diego Sinagra was born as the result of an extra-marital affair between the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona and Cristiana Sinagra, a young local woman and Italian model. His father died of a heart attack on Wednesday, November 25, 2020; just two weeks after he was discharged from the hospital following a brain clot operation.

    Diego Sinagra with his parents

    Diego Sinagra with his mother

    Diego Sinagra with his father Diego Maradona

    He has seven half-siblings, four half-sisters, and four half-brothers. His two half-sisters Dalma Nerea (born in April 1987) and Gianinna Dinorah (born in May 1989) are from Maradona’s wife and Sinagra’s stepmother, Claudia Villafañe.

    Diego Sinagra’s half-sister Dalma Nerea

    Diego Sinagra’s half-sister Gianinna Dinorah

    His third half-sister, Jana Maradona, was born in 1996 and works as a lingerie model.

    Diego Sinagra with his half-sister Jana Maradona and his father Diego Maradona

    His other half-brother Diego Fernando is from Diego Maradona’s relationship with Veronica Ojeda.

    Diego Sinagra’s half brother Diego Fernando with Diego Maradona

    The names of his other half-siblings are Santiago Lara, Joana, Lu, and Javielito.

    Relationships, Wife & Children

    After getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend Nunzia Pennino in March 2015, the couple got married to each other on June 10, 2015, in a Roman Catholic church in Naples, Italy.

    Diego Sinagra’s wedding photo

    The couple has two children together.

    Diego Sinagra with his children


    Diego Sinagra Signature


    Early Years

    Diego Sinagra started playing professional football in 2005 with amateur leagues after he joined Cervia, an Italian football club. In January 2006, he joined Internapoli, from Eccellenza Campania, where he played only two games for the club as he was sidelined after he suffered an injury.

    Diego Sinagra, a teenage football player

    In 2007, Sinagra started playing for another club in the Campanian Eccellenza, Quarto, and after the club emerged victorious in the Eccellenza playoffs that season, they promoted to Serie D. Following a head coach replacement in Quarto, Sinagra left the club on November 16, 2007, and a few weeks later, he signed for Venafro, a Molisan Serie D team, and it was while playing for Venafro that his first goal came from 30 meters on January 21, 2008. Later, he left Venafro and joined a beach soccer team, A.S.D. Mare di Roma. Sinagra also played for F.C America – (Eccellenza Campania) (from December 2008 to August 2009), Juve Stabia (from August 2009 to September 2009), and U.S. Arzanese.

    Beach Soccer

    After joining the Italy national beach soccer team on April 29, 2008, Diego Sinagra played for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualification held in Spain from May 11, 2008, to May 18, 2008. Sinagra made his national team debut in the match against Greece on May 12, 2008. After playing four matches in the Beach Soccer World Cup’s qualification, Sinagra placed Italy fourth, and he led the team to qualify for the World Cup. In June 2008, he scored six goals in three matches for Mare di Roma and convinced by his performance, he was included for the 2008 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup by Italy’s coach Giancarlo Magrini. Italy lost the World Cup final to Brazil by 5-3, and in the competition, Sinagra scored two goals including one in the final match. In 2009, Napoli Beach Soccer bought Diego Sinagra, and for the first time in history, he led his team to win the Italian beach soccer championship.

    Diego Sinagra with a trophy


    Diego Sinagra and his mother, Cristiana Sinagra, had to fight a long court battle to get Diego Maradona to admit paternity.

    Favorite Things

    • Racing Driver: Alex Zanardi
    • Leader: Fidel Castro, Che Guevara
    • Sports: Basketball, Motor Racing, Golf, Tennis
    • Baseball Player: Kobe Bryant


    • He also goes by the name Diego Jr. or Dieguito.
    • He had to wait for a long to get himself recognized as the son of Diego Maradona. Sinagra, along with his mother, Cristiana Sinagra, had to fight a long legal battle for biological recognition.
    • Reportedly, Sinagra met his father, Diego Maradona, for the first time in 2003 in Fiuggi, where his father had gone to participate in a golf tournament.
    • According to some sources, Pope Francis, who was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires at that time, tried to convince Maradona to recognize Sinagra as his son, but Maradona’s lawyers denied this allegation.
    • He always sports two wrist bands bearing the initials of his name “DAM” and no. “10.”

      Diego Sinagra’s Wrist Bands

    • Sinagra has multiple tattoos on his body including the famous Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara, and no. 10.

      Diego Sinagra’s Tattoos

    • Sinagra is a big fan of Pino Daniele, an Italian singer-songwriter, and guitarist. According to Sinagra, the melody of Pino has also accompanied him since he was a child.

      Diego Sinagra’s Instagram post about his favorite musician Pino Daniele

    • While talking about his favorite football player Lionel Messi, Sinagra says,

      Messi is a giant, I love him, much more than Cristiano Ronaldo, but much more, and I argue with people when they compare him to my old man. I also get angry when people in Argentina pick on him, ‘leave the kid in piece’, I tell them, because we have to enjoy it. Becuase after my old man, he is the greatest player in footballing history.”

    • Sinagra loves dancing, and he often participates in various dance reality shows along with his wife, Nunzia Pennino.

      Diego Sinagra in a dance reality show along with his wife

    • In November 2020, while his father, Diego Maradona, was still recovering from a brain clot operation, Sinagra and his wife, Nunzia Pennino, were also rushed to hospital with complications from coronavirus. Later, Sinagra, through an Instagram post, revealed that he was tested positive for the COVID-19 along with his wife.

      Diego Sinagra’s Instagram post about being tested positive for the COVID-19

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