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Cadalabs Protocol started its second phase token sale after the project recorded a massive buy in first phase sale. Cadalabs has been on the News ever since its launch on Cardano Network as the project keeps on making positive progress.

Cadalabs Protocol has been working effortlessly as this project has lots of upcoming events and Projects to conclude before the end of the year.

Cadalabs Upcoming project for 2021 includes:

1. NFT Marketplace Testnet

2. Launch NFT MARKETPLACE Mainnet

3. Development of Cadalabs Wallet

4. Launch play to earn Platform

5. staking and yield Farming

6. Cadalabs swap

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7. Development of social Platform/mobile app


CADALABS Protocol is the first community-driven NFT platform building a NFT Minting Dapp on the Cardano Network to enable digital artwork collectors mint their works as NFTs and connect them to sellers to trade seamlessly in the future. CADALABS team developed its utility token dubbed $CALA Token, which enables the community to take part in governance issues. Besides, by holding the CALA token, users can moderate creators, vote on proposals, stake their tokens to earn and curate featured artwork.

Cadalabs has further plans to support DeFi (decentralized finance) projects as well as enterprise applications through grants, swaps and other forms of investments.

CALA Tokens UseCase

1. CALA Tokens will power Cadalabs NFT Marketplace

2. CALA Tokens will be use as Payment method For Profile Verification on Cadalabs NFT Marketplace and have a blue tick

3. CALA Tokens will serves as payment gateway for Featured Slots On Our NFT Platform

4. CALA Tokens will be used to Like and Upvote NFT Art works on Cadalabs NFT Marketplace

5. Governance Token

6. Users can Stake CALA Tokens on our staking Platform

7. Users can Stake CALA token to rank higher on our Smart, AI Sorting Engine

8. CALA Tokens will be power Cadalabs gaming platform

How To Participate In the Second Phase CALA Token Sale

CALA Token Second phase pre sale is ongoing for interested investors and members of the public to purchase and become early Adopters

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