BOOM Esports Parts Ways With Its Wild Rift Captain Gov


Indonesian esports organization, BOOM Esports bids farewell to its League of Legends: Wild Rift team captain Govher “Gov” Tallulembang Madethen. The announcement was made through the official social media handles of the organization on 6th Oct 2021. Gov joined BOOM Esports’ Wild Rift team on 28th July 2021 together with Rafly “FlyArthur” Zaidan Fathurrahman and Syauqi “Xiao Qi” Fathur Rachmat. The team had a decent run in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Fall – Indonesia. However, the team failed to impress its fans in the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021 where BOOM Esports settled for a 15th-17th place finish.

Team captain Gov departs from BOOM Esports Wild Rift roster

After the team’s disappointing run in the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021, BOOM Esports announced that it is releasing its Wild Rift team’s captain and support player, Gov. The announcement was made through the official social media handles of BOOM Esports, wishing the team captain good luck in his future endeavors. The reason for Gov’s departure is yet to be revealed.

“Thank you for the dedication you have brought to the team and we wish you the very best moving forward!,” captioned the Twitter post.

With Gov’s departure, BOOM Esports will have to revamp its team roster as it is now lacking a support player. However, the organization is yet to reveal its plans for its Wild Rift team roster moving forward.

The active members of BOOM Esports are the following players;

  • Taufik “Tufz” – Baron Lane

  • Syauqi “Xiao Qi” Fathur Rachmat – Jungle Lane

  • Rafly “FlyArthur” Zaidan Fathurrahman – Midlane

  • Rendy “Owenss” Owenn – Dragon Lane

FlyArthur and Xiao Qi joined BOOM Esports together with Gov on 28th July 2021. The team then went on to dominate the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Fall – Indonesia until they fell to the hands of MBR Esports in the grand finals, settling for a 1st place runnerup alongside booking a ticket for themselves to the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021.

BOOM Esports did not perform well in the SEA (South East Asia) championship. The team struggled to keep its momentum and eventually settled with a 14th-17th place finish after an upsetting 0-3 defeat from the Vietnamese team, Divine Esports.

However, this isn’t the end of BOOM Esports’ journey in the Wild Rift esports scene. The Indonesian Wild Rift team seeks to improve itself despite its shortcomings.

Founded in 2017, BOOM Esports has expanded to a wide variety of esports titles such as DOTA 2, Valorant, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, and Wild Rift. It’s most notable achievement is from DOTA 2 where its team secured a championship title in the BTS Pro Series Season 8: Southeast Asia.

It will be interesting to see if BOOM Esports’ Wild Rift team will be able to redeem itself in future esports events.

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