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    Badge 99 Badge 99 Free Fire id | Badge 99 uid

    Badge 99 : E sport, one of the fastest growing industries in the digital era and the year 2021. And one of the biggest supporters of E sport gaming is the online multiplayer games. These online multiplayer games such as free fire have given the E sport industry many popular players. And Badge 99 is one of the most popular Indian Free Fire players. Badge 99 is also a great content creator and it uses YouTube as a platform to showcase it’s gameplay to entertain fans. Let’s take a look at Badge 99 Stats, Free Fire ID, YouTube career and others.

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    Badge 99 Free Fire ID

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    In the last one year badge 99 has become one of the most popular Indian free fire players. With his exceptional lifetime free fire stats, Badge 99 has made its spot clear in the most famous and Best player among all the players.

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    Due to the exceptional gameplay of Badge 99 in the game free fire, everyone who follow him, is looking for the Badge 99 Free Fire (FF) ID. So that they Can add him as a friend in the free fire game and play alongside him whenever he is available.

     “317768081” is the ID of Badge 99 has in the game Free Fire (FF). 

    Search 317768081 in the Search bar of the Add friend option in the game Free Fire to add Badge 99 as a game friend and play with him.


    Badge 99 Stats of Free Fire (FF) Game

    Lifetime stats of every multiplayer game player are as important as any other sport. It tells a lot about the gameplay of a player in the game. That is why were are here with the Badge 99 free fire Stats. Let’s take I look at all three solo, dual and squad gameplay.

    Solo gameplay

    In the solo gameplay Badge 99 has played more than 1145 games and he has been able to win 84 out of these games. while playing these 1145 games Badge 99 stats suggest that he has been able to eliminate 2822 players. Which is not great as it has only kill to death ratio of 2.66 and Only 7.3% winning ratio which does not look impressive. but while playing other formats his gameplay is exceptional.

    Duo Gameplay

    While playing dual mode, Badge 99 Has played 2007 games and out of these games he has been successfully able to win 187 games. Winning ratio of Badge 99 jump to 9.3% and in these 2007 games he has been successfully able to eliminate 4350 players. And overall he has a kill to death ratio of 2.39 in the dual mode of free fire game.

    Squad gameplay

    Squad gameplay of every online multiplayer game is expected to be the most hard mode ever. And in the squad gameplay Badge 99 has played 8577 games. And in these games he has won 1494 games which is 17.41% of winning ratio. And while playing 8577 games he has been successfully able to eliminate 23,382 players. Which boosts the kill ratio to 3.30%. And the stars of squad gameplay are the reason of the popularity behind Badge 99.

    Important of Badge 99 FF stats

    If we talk in general about the importance of stats in any multiplayer gameplay. It can give us insight about how a player perform in certain situations. If one person has good stats in the solo gameplay then squad, that means this player is very good at one on one fight.

    For example with the stats given above about Badge 99. We can easily understand that Badge 99 perform very well while playing squad gameplay. where his kill to death ratio and winning percentage boost to nearly double then solo gameplay. 

    Which clearly tells us that when you play alongside with Badge 99 he can perform better because in the solo gameplay it could be all about 1 one on one fight. and if you lose that one on one fight somehow due to any technical glitch or you have inferior weapon your game is over.

    But in the squad gameplay it is all about strategy and how you implement that strategy against each and every team. Because not every situation is similar and you cannot use one strategy again and again.

    Badge 99 YouTube Stats

    Badge 99 Who is the famous free fire game player. but he became popular due to its YouTube channel which till October 2021 has more than seven and a half million subscribers. And As for the stats he is in the top 1% of content creators. 

    With its A- total grade Badge 99 has a rank of 230 in the list of India YouTube content creators and 1453 rank in the work of YouTube content creators. Currently Badge is earning more that 75 lac Rupees per month and gaining around 2 million views per day.

    Till October 2021 Badge 99 has uploaded more than 380 videos. And he is about to hit 1 billion video views mark. After hitting the 1,000,000 mark in October 2020 he is expected to hit the 10 million subscribers mark in November December 2021.

    Badge 99 Monthly income

    As you know that Badge 99 is an exceptional player of game Free Fire and his YouTube channel is gaining so much popularity it is easy to understand the Curiosity of knowing the income of Badge 99.

    As per the estimation from YouTube videos Badge 99 is earning around ₹75,00,000 per month. And he’s also earning 10 lac Indian rupee per month from the sponsorships. Including earnings from the Instagram followers it is safe To presume that he is earning near to 1,00,00,000 Indian rupees per month.

    Final Thoughts

    To conclude my writing about the information of Badge 99 free fire, Stats and Monthly income from youtube channel. After watching his stats it is presumed that he is no doubt one of the most talented player in the whole free fire world. And the Real name of Badge 99 is Bharath and he is expected to be the next highest subscribed individual Youtuber in india.

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