Apple releases iOS 15.0.1 to fix iPhone 13’s Apple Watch unlock bug, here is how to update


iPhone 13 users can now breathe a sigh of relief as Apple has made one of the annoying issues on the latest iPhone models disappear. Apple has rolled out iOS 15.0.1 to fix the “Unlock with Apple Watch” issue because of which iPhone 13 users were previously not able to unlock their devices using the Apple Watch while they had their masks on. Apple’s new software update for the iPhone also brings other bug fixes, including the one where the Settings app showed full storage on the iPhone.

In the release notes, Apple has listed three major bugs that either iPhone 13 users or iOS 15 users have been complaining about in general. The “Unlock with Apple Watch” issue is the most prominent one and rightly so. Apple released this feature earlier this year with iOS 14.5 to enable iPhone users to unlock their iPhone conveniently if they also have an Apple Watch, registered to the same account, near them. This feature also saves you from entering the passcode. But it was broken for nearly every iPhone 13 user right off the bat. The iOS 15.0.1 update has fixed the issue.

Another issue that many, if not all, iPhone users began to report after they updated to iOS 15. Not restricted to any particular model, this issue caused the Settings app to show that the iPhone storage is full incorrectly. It was not just a false notification, but also the false filling of storage on the iPhone. Apple’s latest iOS 15.0.1 fixes that issue, so now, you can go back to using your iPhone normally with iOS 15’s features.

There is another issue that iOS 15.0.1 claims to fix. That is that some Fitness+ subscribers reported their Apple Watch would unexpectedly start Audio Meditations. This was not a widespread issue, but still, an inconvenient one that Apple has now fixed with the new software update. There are some other bug fixes in the update that Apple has not mentioned. So if you find the new software a little more convenient and less buggy, it is because of the update.

How to update

The iOS 15.0.1 update is now available for all iPhone models that are eligible for iOS 15. The latest iPhone 13 will benefit the most from it because it brings features such as Cinematic Mode. If you have not updated yet, head to Software Update within the iPhone settings and you will see the update waiting to be downloaded there. You can either use your mobile data – if you have an unlimited plan, or Wi-Fi to download the update. Also, make sure your iPhone has enough battery, at least 60 per cent, because the device will restart during the update process.

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