7 signs your IT training sucks


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In today’s rapidly evolving IT world, having a highly trained staff is as important as taking advantage of the latest technologies and management practices. Yet despite the efficiency, productivity, and competitive benefits an expert team generates, many CIOs fail to pay sufficient attention to their organization’s training strategy, overseeing programs that, frankly… really kind of suck.

Leading a skills-deprived IT staff is like coaching a sports team that never bothers to study emerging tactics or rule changes. Such a squad is destined to be a guaranteed loser. To ensure that your organization fields a first-class IT team, pay attention to the seven warning signs that indicate an existing training approach could use a reboot.

1. Mistakes keep multiplying

Mistakes happen, but when errors mount, it’s time to consider whether teams are being trained well enough to meet project quality and completion goals.

“Many organizations provide a class to their teams and then assume everything is now good to go,” says Clyde Seepersad, senior vice president and general manager of training and certification at The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit technology and training consortium. The best way to address this problem, Seepersad suggests, is to evaluate whether current training programs are getting the job done, either by using industry-standard certification exams or the organization’s own evaluation processes.

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