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Moon’s companionship from night to morning, The fellowship of the sun from sunrise till evening, But our friendship from the foremost meeting, Till the final mother-in-law.

The core is houseful with desires, Whether it will be completed or not, it is unlikely, Everything is amazing on this planet, But life with companions like you It’s beautiful.

Friendship is not a term that can be said in the vernacular, Friendship is not a plaything, to be played with Jesus, Friendship is not a bloom to be damaged by a soul, Fellowship should not be reported on document.

If you think friends, then keep on keeping a friendship, identify us to Keep identifying yourself. I am only satisfied with mates

am I glad or not, You carry me beaming

Friendship represents a gorgeous soul, that never abhors, A lovely smile that never fades, A sense that never fails, And an association that never ends.

complete thousands of companions in life, But in those thousands of friends, Create a friend such that when thousands of people, against you, He is with you against thousands.

If fellowship is good, it fetches color. If friendship is serious, everyone enjoys it, If friendship is guiltless, then it hurts, But if friendship is like yours, it creates history.

Do not trust in friendship, Who reserved what crime? Friendship is a pill, What you did and I did too.

Have to pray to God, No one should be located except your fellowship, Found friends like you in every birth, Or never get a life.

A friend should be like a mirror and a shade, Because the mirror never fibs, And the shadiness never escapes you.

Life will not be there or companionship will remain, Be near or stay away memories will remain, Always keep smiling in your life, Because in your laughter a smile will remain mine too.

Friendship is not that which extinguishes, Friendship is not even that which provides smile, That’s the actual friendship, Who even recognizes a tear dropped in water.

Everyone values time, But then it’s entertaining when periods vary, But don’t switch.

Who says, Only love is liable for pain, Fucking friendship also breaks a lot, If it’s from the soul.

Make mates, always smile, Do not fool anyone by assembling your own,

Remember, as prolonged as we are alive, Then we proceeded to say no, by positioning recollections in our guts.

Getting disconnected is all a play of luck, Occasionally hate is a mixture of spirits, Every relationship acquires traded in this world,

It’s just a fellowship, Which is NOT FOR SALE.

We went sinful in your love, Sharif was not there anyhow, Now there are different bastards.

Our stripes are also very superior, That’s why we have a buddy like you.

Not all buddies are the same, Some are not ours even though we are, judged after befriending you, Who says ‘the principals are not on the bottom’.
Of course, we got a short wait, But we got the most comfortable friend on earth, No longer hoping for any paradise, We found that love in your companionship.

buddies in friendship, friend’s deity, It is handled when it is separated.
Genuine friends never let us fall, Neither in anyone’s eyes nor anyone’s paws.

That’s why I demonstrate to you, besides and again, Seeing you hurt my friend, I spoil myself too.

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