Google and Huawei could pay up to $400 to owners of faulty Nexus…

About three years ago, faulty chipsets caused some Android devices to enter a never-ending bootloop. This was commonly called a “hard brick”. The exact details of the issue are still unknown. One device which was hit hard by the hard brick was the Google Nexus 6P that was manufactured by Huawei. The bricking of the device was followed by a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit demanded that the device makers (Huawei and Google in this case) reimburse users. According to the Verge, “Pending court approval, the companies would be liable to a $9.75 million settlement for the class action that began in April 2017, which may result in payments of up to $400 for participating plaintiffs.”

The lawsuit alleged that Google and Huawei were aware of the issue but did not respond to the bug, breaching the device’s warranty. The next hearing of the case is on May 9, 2019, and if the court approves the settlement consumers in the US who purchased the device on or after September 25, 2015 will be eligible to claim the reimbursement.

The proposal states that those eligible for reimbursements may be paid up to $400. Those customers who received the device in a prior warranty exchange program will be eligible for up to $10. Those without proper documents about the device may be eligible for up to $75 reimbursement. 

Just to reiterate, the decision for the reimbursement is not final and will be made final on the May 9 hearing. This is applicable for US citizens only. 

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